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line endings are the worst. programs should be written all on one line so we don't have to deal with line ending bullcrap.

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- the world is a vampire
- vampirism is for poseurs from junior high

=> the world is a poseur from junior high

apartment application approved. put down the security deposit and will be signing The Papers tomorrow. good lord the nervousness. such nervous.

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“Weeping mother of chaos! Give me the strength to set my eyes firmly upon the horizon. If I look back, quickly cleave my head from my shoulders!”

– Common prayer to Aesma

am I an undercover cop? how can I tell?

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suddenly reminded of speed grapher. that show was something.

remember: there are 60 seconds in a minute. 60.

I have a feeling this is going to be a hell of a year for mosquitoes. There were clouds of them in the parking lot today after work. They were bumping into the windows the whole time I was warming up the car.

tried a new idea for cleaning the waffle iron: slowly pouring hot water from the kettle onto the plates.

it did not go very well.

I'm still reading megatokyo but I swear it's been at least five years since I understood what was going on or recognized anyone other than the main characters. I should probably either read the whole thing again or just drop it.

update: found it now it's safe in the kitchen waiting to be chopped up.

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