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line endings are the worst. programs should be written all on one line so we don't have to deal with line ending bullcrap.

Have a christmas classic: The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen

(violent lyrics, as befitting any good christmas song)

More weird shit with my apartment. Still haven't called about the lease extension letter I got last month. The reply deadline is in mid January so I figured the new lease would start February.

Today I came home to a note on the door saying that, effective February, the property will be managed by a different company. It will be the same company I originally rented from, before it switched to the current one around 2015.

So guess now I need to find out who actually wants this letter.

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purchased a stollen last weekend. just cut into it now. haven't hit the marzipan yet but it should be in the next slice. even without it's damn good. this is why christmas was invented.

just watched gridman ep 9. this show is coming through pretty nice.

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camomile tea with a spoon of honey is throat heaven

do yourself a favor
become your own savior and
don't let the sun go down on your grievances again

Rock over London
Rock on Chicago
Winamp: it really whips the llama's ass

3. When I reply with either, gmail will know. Maybe I should lie and pick one.

1. I don't know if gmail just knows me well enough to assume that I'm indecisive/flexible, or if these answers are just a universally safe guess.

2. It's creepy either way. Why am I still using this shit?

After 4.5 years of living in this apartment I have just now received my first email from my landlords. It is telling me to vote for them in a poll for best local rental company. It looks like they emailed all their tenants and they didn't use bcc. So that's nice?

I swear I didn't murder anyone in my kitchen today. It was only a pomegranate.

Meco - Star Wars

Groovy as hell. Check out that vibe solo in the cantina theme. Dang.

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grandma doesn't know when you've lost your place. grandma doesn't care when you make mistakes. he won't make you drink milk or soda water, but you can have as many gallons as you desire. just drink as many gallons as you can.

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !