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line endings are the worst. programs should be written all on one line so we don't have to deal with line ending bullcrap.

And if the police show up, we'll give them so much money that they can retire from their shitty, violent jobs and live the greatest life they've ever lived...

I just learned one of my go-to garbage passwords is compromised now. Sad. Time to make a new garbage password.

I went food shopping just in time. Snow was getting pretty heavy on the way back.

and yep now he's talking about the stock market.

that's okay. relating with parents over something.

father sent email about investment stuff a couple weeks ago. we just replied now saying we haven't had a chance to look at it. two minutes later he texts us asking what we're doing.

we said laundry. it's technically true because we did that earlier and now there are clothes airing everywhere. obviously can't say nothing or he'd wonder how we don't have a chance to read about investment with so much free time.

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ps: also consider rinsing out your food containers. we all know this stuff is going to the landfill anyway but you could at least try to keep up appearances.

dear neighbors,

you might find that the recycle bin will hold more things if you step on your empty milk jugs and 24-pack beer box before putting them in.


This is what's happening and it's freaking you out. I've heard it, heard it, and it sounds like the 90s. Who can you trust and who are your friends? Who is impossible and who is the enemy?
These are the halls that we're presently haunting and these are the people that we currently haunt. Push back the walls, push back the calendar. We've got, we've got friends that are calling us home.

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because he's a MAN that uses ZIPPERS

is there anyone that subs jojo with the right names? I don't even care if they just copy crunchy and fix the names. I've been putting up with this shit since stardust crusaders and I'm tired of it.


KNOW spelled backwards is WONK

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