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sticking around here until the end but setting up @crlf and importing follows. cleaned up the list a bit, and cybre might block some of the remaining ones anyway. please don't take it personally.

might make an alt later with more follows, who knows. we'll see what does and doesn't show up.

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line endings are the worst. programs should be written all on one line so we don't have to deal with line ending bullcrap.

utena has exactly my kind of ending.

that convertible in utena is the stuff of nightmares

looks like we're about done with act 2 of utena and shit is getting real

utena ep 16 

at first i was not a fan of nanami. she is kind of a terrible person. eventually it became clear that she is in fact the target of an absurd cosmic practical joke that never ends, and that she was only introduced in the way she was so that we understand she deserves everything she has coming to her.

in this episode, nanami is wearing a designer brand cowbell. she is the only one who does not understand that this is humiliating. eventually she turns into a cow herself and utena has to play matador using a red sweater in order to get the bell off.

utena ep 12 

this episode is so crazy she's wearing a normal girls uniform and when she climbs the stairs instead of absolute destiny apocalypse it's just this jazzy instrumental thing but somehow it all ends up feeling way more badass than normal

uspol, campaign advertising 

a group called "america first action" decided that i am a good target for large postcards that talk about the dangers of "beijing biden." this is very exciting.

utena ep 6 

boxing kangaroo.

that is all i have to say about that.

four episodes into utena and so far someone has slapped anthy in every one of them and jeez can they just give her a break she didn't even do anything

oh no i'm thinking about madlax again i really don't want to rewatch it but it's only a matter of time

also: the left stick on this 360 controller has been worn smooth and shiny for years but now it is starting to shed its rubbery finish onto my thumbs and it's kind of gross

I like when a game says a controller is recommended but when I try to play with a controller I find that I very often need to press two non-opposing buttons at the same time or alternate quickly between them and my thumbs are not made for this and maybe the only reason they recommend a controller in the first place is they didn't get around to making a button mapping menu.

i wonder how many classic tunes i am only familiar with because of those ads for decade compilation albums i saw on tv as a kid

saw someone post this on the fedi timeline earlier today and hit the link but didn't listen until now and yes this is pretty nice and exactly what i need at the moment so thanks stranger.

(they do show partial account numbers on receipts and statements, so it's not like the money is just disappearing into a hole. hopefully.)

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weird thing about my credit union is they never really communicate account numbers for savings. you show them your id and they fill out the deposit/withdrawal slip for you. this hasn't been a problem until i noticed i was down to my last $100 cash and found that they've closed the lobby but i'm too nervous to use the drive through because i have no idea what the protocol is in this place where you don't even fill out your own slip.

think i can make the cash last the rest of the year if i use my card much more than usual, but that kind of sucks.

a bug (not the software kind) 

just found a bug. small black insect with a long snaky abdomen. kind of reminds me of an earwig but smaller and doesn't have a pincer. not sure if it's friendly or if i should kill it.

after all this time on this planet one would think that I would learn to stop trying to derive enjoyment from video games.

did you know that there exist many ways of writing the word minimum with voice?

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