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line endings are the worst. programs should be written all on one line so we don't have to deal with line ending bullcrap.

life hack: when having trouble facing a simple yes or no decision, flip a coin. if you don't like the result, just ignore it because now you know what choice is best. if you still don't care then do what the coin said and stop thinking about it.

another helpful fact is that all of the keys are orientable. they all have a little dot from molding or whatever and it's always pointing toward the back of the board.

in other news, I took all the keycaps off my ergodox to clean them. I have the ez model with the blank, angled keys, and I thought there were only two or so different angles but now I'm discovering that it's actually way more subtle and I'm having a wonderful time trying to get them in the right positions again.

fortunately I only did one board so I have the other one to refer to. otherwise this might be almost impossible.

And they're opening an investigation on the payment. I should hear back in three to five days. This is exactly what they told me when I called five months ago.

If I don't hear anything back or see a refund in my statement by next friday I'm calling the bank to see if it's too late for them to start a chargeback. The bank technically has a 90 day limit, but if I didn't know it was going to be an issue now it might still be okay.

oh man they actually have account notes on this thing. I'm impressed they didn't just pretend it never happened. but will they have a resolution this time? they put me on hold again so guessing probably not. wooo.

are they ever not experiencing higher than expected caller volume? I feel like they should start expecting this volume at some point.

never heard back from the ISP about that triple payment incident from february and been putting off calling them. but now it's time. getting all pumped up and ready to call.

whatever, it's black I'll just sharpie over the spot

son of a bitch I had a couple AAA batteries sitting on my desk and they leaked and ate away the paint.

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Restore the brilliant future we were born to inhabit.

bring about the cyber-occult utopia.

I have said it thrice: what I tell you three times is true.

this post is not meant to be relatable. if you can relate to this post, please find shelter.

hail hail the gang's all here stuck out in a hailstorm getting hit with hail rocks hail hail the gang's all here getting hit with hail rocks now

video game make gpu toasty warm fan spin whooo

never mind. I have a vampire. everyone panic.

fortress update: I have my first siege. I found magma. I found adamantine. now starting work on the pump tower.

everything is going to be okay. stop worrying.

tonight the streets are red, the lights are blue and blinding

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