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Academic horror story Show more

@cow2001 Posted this link. https://wakingup.libsyn.com/121-white-power

It's a lot longer than my ability to listen, so I've listened to it in segments.
This one has ASMR qualities, too. ALso in german: Rosemarie.
German songs seem to be popular, so here's me singing "Die Kleine Kneipe in unsere Straße".

everyone on the Internet is cute girl I guess :gay:

@dax Ever tried playing Daruda on a block flute?

"Hey Moist, it's early in the morning for some of us. Can you not post weird shit?"



@Eidon What's the deal with Anti Fragile?

well can we make an rw bot to exist in a fur suit I just spent ages trying to clean up Good end: she had withered all away