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*checks date*
"It's Wednesday my dudes!"


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your mother and I met when I followed her on the fediverse and relentlessly replied to her programming socks pics begging for a follow back and the rest is history
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girls can store a lot of thing in their cleveage,

my new theory is:

when 3 girls presses their boobs togethers it creates a pocket dimentions where you can store anything

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Important survey!

Bruh. All I need was an hour of extra sleep wtf

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Actually ooo. Skip 1st lecture because it's just about programming. Just really hard.

2nd lecture is actually new stuff I don't know.


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Hmm I'm up now and it's 7am. Lectures start at 10am. I'm really tired. Wondering if it's still worth it ,😭

Idk, but I can't listen anything else now. After a few seconds I just go back to the album lmao

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Something must be terribly wrong for me to have not watched my weekly anime 🤔

Consider getting a haircut/a new hairdo :blob3c:

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money beg 

I really hate the frequency that I'm having to do this lately, but I could really use y'all's help again

right now, that I can think of, I have:
- a late bill for the credit I had to use to get my phone ($55)
- I have to re-up my antidepressants and hormones ($65)
- I'm under in my account ($5 for now, assuming I can bring it back up before they hit me with fees for it)
- phone bill ($35)

so like,,,,,, $150 total, assuming I'm not forgetting anything, and that's still not counting the probably... $25 or so of services I use to maintain my personalized email address, my hosting, all of that, at the end of the month (everything here I need to have by around the middle of the month)

if you can do anything to help it will be super appreciated

I have a cashapp at$transi2 , but if you're outside the US you'll probably need to use my PayPal, in which case I can DM you the link if you ask
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I'm looking for a 6-month internship on a European country (pref. Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark) in computer science.

I'm doing an engineering school in computer science (Master's degree in computer science engineering).

I'm looking for an internship in back-end development, application development, embedded development.

I know Java, JS, NodeJs, Python, C, C++ but I can learn more

I talk french and english.

#jechercheunjob #Imlookingforajob #internship

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Boost if you think it's perfectly OK to wake up at 4p.m.

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I'm seeing a few new people cautiously say things like "let's enjoy this place before the bad people get here" and I just want to say:

Don't worry! They're already here! But thanks to the heroic work of your instance moderators and admins, you will never see them. And if they do show up then your mods will get rid of them: unlike Twitter, the reporting functions here are reviewed by real people who don't care about turning a profit, and instead focus on enforcing community guidelines

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !