@Elfie omg wow, if I didn't read your description... lmao

Why would you care if someone you don't know called you names tho

Hi btw
@Elfie @colnkiama maybe I need to be rude to get a response too.

hi dumb
@georgia @Elfie @colnkiama they should be in bed having stories read to them

@georgia @oxblood @nik @Elfie While we're here, I'm going to be a refugee soon!

Which one of your instances should I join? 🤔

@colnkiama @georgia @nik @Elfie free speech extremist is shitposts and offensive debates . blobcat is also free speech instance but tends to attract less controversial people.

@oxblood @Elfie lmao, I just wanted to say, I wasn't gonna respond to this but whatever

@Elfie for me personally, it's like a stranger walked up to you, called you names then walked away lmao

@Elfie but obviously these lines can be really blurred since it could just be banter

@Elfie however, EVERYONE can see this. Forever

I don't quite follow, it's always banter unless the insult comes from a mutual

And how does visibility comes into play? I don't understand :meru_think:
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