Hey, I'm getting some Nintendo DS games because everything is so cheap now lmao.

What are your recommendations?

I'm almost at the shop now. Thanks for all the recommendations!

@colnkiama Ace Attorney
Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow
Chrono Trigger
Dementium - The Ward
Etrian Odyssey
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!
Resident Evil - Deadly Silence
The Dark Spire
The World Ends With You
WarioWare - Touched!

I skipped some obvious games like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon.
@RafiX @colnkiama
WarioWare diy
the 2 m&l games
geometry wars
harvest moon (do some searching but theyre all decent except the bazaar one, and get the second island one if you want one of those)
ninja gaiden
picross / 3d
rhythm paradise
trauma centre
pokemon conquest
the gimmicky kirby games
elite beat agents
spiderman web of shadows (a surprisingly good metroidvania)
bangai o
space invaders extreme / 2
lock's quest
broken sword: shadow of the templars
puzzle quest
alice in wonderland
professor layton
puzzle quest
henry hatsworth
dragon quest rocket slime
rune factory
ghost trick
@colnkiama oops you said cheap, a few ofvthose are over 30GBP but theyre mostly below 10.

@twee but yeah, I'm really surprised how high the prices still are for some of these :blobcatscared:

@colnkiama its mostly the less well known cult games which cost a bunch.

i can shorten the list a bit if you tell me what youre into.

have you owned a ds before? for a starter ds game i recommend alice in wonderland (the one with the 11/10 aesthetic), its like $3, embraces touch, and is a great game.

otherwise chinatown wars is ~20$, a massive and great game, hugely impressive just to show off with.

@twee I've owned a DS before and yeah Chinatown Wars was awesome! Finish it on my PSP. Good times! :)

@RafiX fun fact, I've never owned a Mario game so you probably should add some Mario titles to the list lmao

@colnkiama if you want a Mario game, then go with New Super Mario Bros, and Super Princess Peach is nice too

dragon quest ix
daigasso band brothers
might and magic clash of heroes
radiant historia
nine hours nine persons nine doors

should mention I never finished 999 or radiant historia so depending on your standards those recs might not be worth much.

@colnkiama Nice. Hope you enjoy.

Do you know anyone else with the game or a flash card? There's a couple great grinding maps that were passed around when the game was new. It's not necessary for the endgame content but it saves a lot of time.

@colnkiama eh, not a big deal. the main game is at least 40 hours on its own and doesn't need any crazy grinding. the endgame is its own thing and has a lot of content but is pretty repetitive even with a fast xp map.

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