Should I drop all my plans to finish Halo: MCC?


Now there's the funny thing, Halo: MCC is my first Halo game so I'm experiencing each game for the first time.

Playing Halo 1 for the first time was amazing and what one of the favorite memories of my life will be playing the final mission with my friend via co-op.

(P.S more games need a co-op campaign omg)

I found Halo 2 so much harder wtf. They also nerfed one of my favourite guns. (I think it was called the needle gun).

It was such a grind lmao but dayum, those updated cutscenes are cleeeeean

Currently on 3. It's awesome so far. That's all I got atm lool

@colnkiama Oh you are gonna hecking love it then
Halo 1 has the best music
Halo 2 has the best story
Halo 3 has the best physics and gameplay

@ocean totally how I feel so far 😂

A bit weird that you didn't mention Halo 4 🤔. No accolades?

@colnkiama It wasn't really bad either tho, I don't think
Halo 5 was terrible though

@colnkiama Anyways you should add me! I'm OceanMew

@ocean ahh cool will do now. However, I'm probably not gonna be on Live until late September/October

@colnkiama Halo 2 has those instant death parts from Snipers it's easily the hardest one in the series it's rough
I feel like even beating it on Normal was an accomplishment

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