What's the best low maintenance linux distro? (if such a thing even exists lmao)

Hmm, so this isn't the link above wasn't that simple to get running, here's one that should work out of the box: github.com/colinkiama/Mineswee

@nonetrix lmao, I'm surprised I wasnt following you before.

Wow, Dark theme still looks so great on here! 😭

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I'm almost at the shop now. Thanks for all the recommendations!

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Hey, I'm getting some Nintendo DS games because everything is so cheap now lmao.

What are your recommendations?

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Hey, this toot is brought to you by Keyboard Shortcuts: Saving you from suffering with your mouse since FOREVER lmao

Next up, I need redo the caching. Gotta go fast ⚡

Now I understand why people are so passionate about these shortcuts. I'm breezing through this timeline lmao

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hey young people maybe you should stop worrying about the environment and your pronouns and start worrying about how you're going to pay for my pension
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