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Currently on 3. It's awesome so far. That's all I got atm lool

I found Halo 2 so much harder wtf. They also nerfed one of my favourite guns. (I think it was called the needle gun).

It was such a grind lmao but dayum, those updated cutscenes are cleeeeean

Playing Halo 1 for the first time was amazing and what one of the favorite memories of my life will be playing the final mission with my friend via co-op.

(P.S more games need a co-op campaign omg)

Now there's the funny thing, Halo: MCC is my first Halo game so I'm experiencing each game for the first time.

Should I drop all my plans to finish Halo: MCC?

Current Status: constantly stopping myself from not going to bed with my phone lmao.

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Decided to also start working on one of my old projects.

Now when I get bored while working on one, I work on the other. Mwahahahahaha

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Is it weird to naturally wake up super early?

This summer I've been casually waking up at 5-6 am loool.

Would nice if this continues during uni though. 🤔

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I looked in the mirror this morning and I've noticed how fast my facial hair has been growing like crazy.

That's when it hit me that I'm growing up and my teenage years are gone. Forever 😭

Right now though, I realised I'm about to start my final year of university. Time has just gone by lol. Just one more year till I graduated :blobcatmelt:

I really need to add a content filter soon.

Even my home timeline isn't safe to browse in public. >_<

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(SoundCloud Proなので音源差し替えができる)

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