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Bruh. Tetris tho. Game is addictive af wtf

New account: @EP1CNESS

Okay, this was epic! Thank you guys so much for being so welcoming. This was the first Mastodon server that I actually checked consistently.

Thank you everyone and stay awesome!

Find me here: @EP1CNESS

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Mozilla announces collaboration with Pleroma; Mastodon twitter account has mental breakdown

Owned this game since 2018 but I only tried out Halo:MCC's multiplayer yesterday.

Wow, it's incredible man. The announcer is so awesome too!

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But now I've figured out why. Completely forgot about the thing with India.

Shout out to all the Indian people of the Fediverse! ❤

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Got 4 hours to kill. What should i do?

Wow! 😯

I stopped working on this Mastodon Client because I didn't think it was with the effort.

Nice to see that it has almost reached 100 unique downloads though.

Might consider finishing it next year 🤔

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !