Imagine asking permissions to steal memes

There's no shortage of clowns, is there.

Also, spicy ratio.

I swear to God I'm gonna move back to Xfce again...

Sometimes I forget that Azur Lane is in fact a Chinese game.

If I have the artistic capabilities, I would like to draw Leon and the Merchant from RE4 referencing the Sommelier scene from John Wick 2.

I don't even know what Death Stranding is supposed to be anymore.

I'm not above admitting that the new FNAF VR gives me the heebie jeebies.

Tried once.

It's not bad.

While you were busy partying I studied the pointers

All these years I've been having the wrong definition of what subtweet means.

I thought it means that the tweet that you're replying to also shows up below your actual tweet :(

What the fuck is the UN even doing anyway? Some priorities they have.

Imagine thinking Flandre's still 495 years old. smh

If anything, she must be roughly 512 years old by now.

There's a special place in hell for people who could farm 3-4 fox mines in less than two weeks.

Just when I thought everything's working seamlessly, X decided to turn my computer off without my consent.


Back when I was kid, I always preferred badminton over soccer. Not only because I was kinda good at it, but also mostly because I only needed a single friend to play with.

Used void + musl for almost a week now, and so far nothing's broken yet.

Once I installed Firefox tho, I immediately lost interest in customizing my WM.

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