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i love congruence, id love it for people to be more congruent.

@tardigrader Överskott av prylar? alla projekt behöver batterier, snacka med returmarknaden, alla laptopbatteripack som felar är oftast pga. 1 cell i förpackningen, det är oftast fem celler per batteripack. 18650 celler är awesome för allt ;)

prata med ... bella tror jag hon hette på mediatek sverige, de var redo att ge lite giveaways i form av kits. andra producenter är garanterat i samma led. (prata även med dewalt sverige om verktyg)

@tardigrader försök få tag på äldre maskinteknik ex. metallsvarvar, cnc. 3d-skrivare, reprap alt. någon av de där dussin-skrivarna för $150. för finansiering inled dialog med företag som gillar det lokala livet, ex. GLH i hsund.

is it just me or is freenode super-laggy rn?

wow getting failwhales on twitter and mastodon is merrily chugging along. surreal.

@maiyannah @katiekats ive been thinking the same, especially considering how they scaled the company. (its huuuuge, like its own bureaucratic regime, huge.)

@benhamill do note tho, my initial complain was concerning the macpro workstations >_>

@benhamill yep there ya go.
but three diff tho?

i have to go through refind -> ubuntu ia32.efi stick -> boot

and for laptops, i got so sick and tired of issues w my macbook pro that i got a dell vostro 3360 maxed out.

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@benhamill remind me to tell you about my loathe of EFI and EFI implementation vendor differences.

my current machines are macpro's, the efi implementation is sucktacular. also, arch works, but thats basically it.

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@Technowix yeah mobile client wasnt updating the feed :)

@sidawson id need a team and a kickstarter haha :D

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So my tests on ARM aa64 locally and on scaleway (roughly same specs) of Mastodon, has me pondering selling "Mastodon in a box" because it werks swimmingly.