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Coeur66 βœ…

mmmm so i love 3d printers, i can get a new lift for the machine shop that can lift a car, for the cost of one spool of filament.

"Decrypting Amber Rudd

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube (Google/Alphabet, Inc) have formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism and Amber Rudd is asking them to quietly drop end-to-end encryption from their products. You should not believe a single word any of those companies tells you about end-to-end encryption or privacy on their platforms ever again. PS. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook."

i love congruence, id love it for people to be more congruent.

is it just me or is freenode super-laggy rn?

wow getting failwhales on twitter and mastodon is merrily chugging along. surreal.

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So my tests on ARM aa64 locally and on scaleway (roughly same specs) of Mastodon, has me pondering selling "Mastodon in a box" because it werks swimmingly.

oh look, our favorite us administration is leaking like a frelling sieve again.

wait. there are cam models making 1,5m sek /mo? i feel old.

@Spider jag saknarej, funderar pΓ₯ att hojja ner sΓΆderΓΆver med lillebror i juli, har du planer i juli?

wait, people having several mastodon accounts is a thing? how did i miss this.. thing?

interesting, Bell canada got hacked, full credentials are availible.

its not that i dont like mastodon, its that i ran into an issue with a macpro that made me want to make it airborne.

wow GOP slaughtered on morning joe :O

My heart goes out to any aspiring dystopian fiction writers, who keep having their ideas stolen by the conservative party.

a) not the act of an innocent man.
b) big red light just came on.