yeah so.. a maker got ripped off by the CW network.
funny how corporations are all pro-IP hardliners, but ripping off people's CC creations is fine.

so I got gifted a longboard yesterday.
rode it to the office today. made some spectacular mistakes that lead to my hip hurtin' and the left forearm being swollen in places.

'tis all good.

print of the prototype rugged phone case design, turned out ok. so doing it all in higher-rez rn.
which is also looking quite good thus far

is birdsite having issues? the latest tweet i can see was made 30 minutes ago?

spent a good part of the day trying to find a way to wrap an object around another object.
if i'd only google'd first, and not just about a few minutes ago..

why dont i know how to map a 2d geometry to a 3d object >_>

so what 3d printing afficianados are on here :o

finally getting there with the rugged case for the phone.

status: watching a bow..maker? (isnt there a special word for it) use aluminium and 3d printers to make a compound bow from scratch.
this is the youtube and internet i like.

any tips on F/OSS developers to follow and hardware hackers, is greatly appreciated.

So yesterday, a swedish journalist was described by public service media to be SJW fighting for "goodness" vs. two through and through literal nazis.
how were the latter two described? by their titles of course.

hence the journalist was the only one who wasnt described as the latter two.

"You have closed registrations on, so how will my friends get in or find me?"

Tell your friends to sign up on then tell them: "Search for" and voilà, you have found each other.

It's very similar to how e-mail addresses work.

today in "computers that are too aesthetic to exist but they do anyway": the Compucorp 675

designing a new hardcase for mah phone.

so should i crosspost my climate-tech writings to mastodon, yay/nay?

Am i alone in finding a subtle humour in the fact that most right wing 'tards are using a russian social network? 😇 😇 😇

the shit my life keeps handing to me. I didn't expect to ever have to report a due diligence case to the authorities of four different countries, ever.

@cypnk however, one thing:

radicals *need* to learn to use free software, and to thwart the surveillance dragnet. That's not a question of morality like most free software stuff is, it's a question of necessity, and too much organizing is still over corporate channels well-monitored by three-letter-agencies.

todays lesson, friends dont let friends print at 10 microns. that leads to fixing other peoples printers. i.e the computer guy problem all over again ;_;

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