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so should i crosspost my climate-tech writings to mastodon, yay/nay?

Am i alone in finding a subtle humour in the fact that most right wing 'tards are using a russian social network? 😇 😇 😇

the shit my life keeps handing to me. I didn't expect to ever have to report a due diligence case to the authorities of four different countries, ever.

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@cypnk however, one thing:

radicals *need* to learn to use free software, and to thwart the surveillance dragnet. That's not a question of morality like most free software stuff is, it's a question of necessity, and too much organizing is still over corporate channels well-monitored by three-letter-agencies.

todays lesson, friends dont let friends print at 10 microns. that leads to fixing other peoples printers. i.e the computer guy problem all over again ;_;

you guys need to get 3d printers, just made a case for my pentest rig, in the shape of the beacon from the game "the division".
so need to paint it up, then take some pics.

im not built for celebrating people for 9 hours at a party no' mo'

@waifu can I get a tl;dr here, I feel kinda lost :/

so, my vision to produce 10 tons / week in 2025, might be needing a once or twice over. >_>

ok. so. uhm. we have more incoming orders than we can produce at current and we've yet to a) get our company name okay'ed by the powers that be.
b) still waiting on our equipment which should arrive in two weeks.
c) still no website because point a.
d) still not selling directly to consumers becase point c.
e) gaaaaaaaaaah.

the feeling when you write something on birdsite making fun of how politicians always go "but weapons!" when it comes to 3d printing, and it gets retweeted by the inherent nazi contingents of the platform.

bought myself a new phone. coincidentally, it has a 10000mAh battery. normally phones have ~1800mAh...

yessss... just finished printing a ppg from babylon 5 😍

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all my ARM nerds should check out

a minimal mastodon/gnusocial server for arm devices. hat tip: @thog

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@coeur66 That we can run pleroma on a Steam Link