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Time from time I remember this place exists. Yet, not expandable columns. Okay.

So, and this new Nintendo console, hun? Selling a lot. That Wii.


wow guys you're still visiting this place

And unfunny meme.
Yeah, I like that too.

I just come here to complain and talk abstractly about her. Damn.

How to get closer the girl you like without bother her?

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Toots with files attached

I really like that girl.

Liking people is hard.
I don't recommend.

Yesterday was holiday.
I'm working in between again.
Almost alone at the office.
Office's internet is shit.
I wanna go home.

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if you can see the future.
And you'll always try to prevent bad things you see in your visions.

What you see is the future before or after you try to change it?

I just realized that I'm on this "Diamond User" for a while and Macross 7 has actually a Diamond Force team.

Did you guys see this new console from Nintendo? I think its called WiiU