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You guys know why Mastodon became famous amoung so many projects for the fediverse, right?


Yeah. Non-tech people like this shit.

Today I felt running to get the tram.
It was hugely funny.
For the people in the tram, not for me.
I was holding my backpack no no hand to protect face.
So, it was a direct hit on the floor.

tfw no one wants to play games with you
tfw no one wants to do anything with you

People talking on the local timeline like Code Geass has good plot. And that just realized that as adult.

Damn I want to watch that anime.

Too bad it has the same name of that shit anime about an emo boy, with a fanservice girl, with super powers battling on shit robots against the stupidest empire organization ever show in an anime.

Feels like this girl (who is not Himari, let's make this clear as a crystal) is talking directly to me.

I shouldn't have stayed awake until 3am, now I'm destroyed and need to go to work.

Closing the night with the most straight and proud way a day would ever end.

Good morning, people.
Today we have Rio Matsuri.

Comparing the screen resolution between my current cellphone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro) with the previous one (Moto G4+) and its like compare a spaceship with a Hotwheels toy.

Opinion is a funny thing.

The movements body burning does has nothing to do with it, but now you're afraid of my stream of consciousness even though I did it on purpose.

I did indeed a lot of hard work to get away from those toxic colleagues (funny thing, I'm probably the toxic one in their opinion)[it's not probably, they sure do], but now sometimes I miss the interaction I used to have.

Forgot to bring coffee capsules to the office.

Ohhh boya

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