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You guys know why Mastodon became famous amoung so many projects for the fediverse, right?


Yeah. Non-tech people like this shit.

I wish I could just play vidya this weekend


Geeeez, its almost midnight here and you still can fry an egg just throwing it in the air.

Now, let's finish that damn freelancing job I got.

I bought a pair of those things you put on your hand to lift weight at the gym. I became what I hate most.

Misskey allows me to login using my username instead of email.


Heeeeeey dudes, this is the A140 PHM (Multipurpose Helicopter Carrier) AtlΓ’ntico.

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:police_cirno: Don't touch the bunnies :police_cirno: Show more

How long until misskey web dashboard be ported into pleroma instances? :blobtea:

>>> implying it's not done already

How long until we get the misskey web dashboard into mastodon instances?

15 minutes looking at the Firefox screen but computer don't wanna work

There's a huge possibility I'll be visiting a aircraft carrier tomorrow.

I heard a yay? Yes.

What's the new big fediverse software all the cool kids are creating accounts this week?

Mastodon must allow you to login with the username or at least request a password recover using it.

Just realized I don't remember the email I used.

If I ever remember the password, sure.

I'll try to use my account on that main instance nobody name it.

Let's see how many time until I develop virtual brain cancer.

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