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Cobalto πŸ”°

Just found this on one of my work machines and I have questions to my past self.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa mou shindeiru

I've just being introduced to the concept of "velvet shedding" and I want to forget it already. How to proceed?

He's on another instance, maybe it's safe for now.

Oh jeez, there's a guy from ~that country~ following everybody from there he finds here. Never mention it by name again, nor speak that language.

Second time I suggest milk on a toot talking about some other drink I found on local tab. I think I'll do it my signature joke.

Got milk?

(no second thoughts, it's because that joke on IT Crowd)

*looks at you and tilts its head*
(Β οΎŸο½€Β γ€‚7
Β ( ︢ヽ
Β Β UΒ UΒ Β )γƒŽ

Studying protocols I'll probably never use

All y’all new people should join business because most of mastodon is racist lol

Ohhhhhh today is Friday, 13th. THAT MAKES SENSE.

A mastodon instance that goes online only at friday nights