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You guys know why Mastodon became famous amoung so many projects for the fediverse, right?


Yeah. Non-tech people like this shit.

I need to learn how to make friends.

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It's cold here, but not this much.

Currently at Microsoft's Office.

Let's find out who thought buy github was a hood idea.

I think it's funny how people get offended with harmless things that are not even supposed to be seem by those easily offended people.

* a group of people talking with each other about how they like pineapple on their pizza *

Person: "I can't believe it! Mastodon allow people that put pineapple on pizza to share pineapple-speech here on my safe place! I demand all the pineapple lover to go away or I'm going to report all the instances I can find mentions of pineapple! Die Pineapplecists!"

@octobyte can you authorize my signup? same @ from here. I forgot the hotmail problem and used it cause i'm stupid :blob_cry: :blob_cry: :blob_cry:

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Microsoft buys Mastodon.

First time in weeks I'm not behind the schedule at work. I feel free.

Blood test done.
Second blood test in 2 months.
A step closer to have my own page on SCP Foundation.

A fdvrs client for the apple watch wrote by a non-conformative non-cis non-white non-developer to be inclusive.

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RT Websites on Apple Watch in watchOS5.

Webkit on a watch.

Does the site you are building get narrow enough? Does it support reader mode? We've expected this for a long time… are you already ready?

That person from this post on medium have some kind of kinky fetish with white male developers. That's the only explanation for the amout of "white male developer" on the text.

Let's fork Pleroma and make it inclusive.

Microsoft Bob built with Electron.

Windows Phone built with Electron.