the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time

i've listened to plastic love on loop for like, a million times. i don't even like the song that much

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oh cool a i will survive cover by demi lovato
*sees that it's part of the angry birds movie soundtrack* what

where’s the life cheat code that makes cheesecake appear in front of me

i thought shakira was brazillian but she's not, she's columbian? okay that explains why she sings in spanish asdfgh

why does shakira sound different in spanish than in english

ain't no rest for the wicked was released in 2008.... i thought it was much, much older than that....

i feel down climbing up the stairs and i'm still kinda reeling from the shock

what was that??? i can't??? understand??? your accent???

you know who likes video gameys? war criminals. you jsut cant justify em

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