men who heavily obsess over anime girls are some of the most depressed motherfuckers i've ever seen

so um
any preconceived notions you might have about the american robin are probably wrong

in almost every photo of billie eilish i’ve seen she looks like a stereotypical bored teenager

A Yoshi's Island manga offers a possible explanation for why Mario and Luigi are different heights.

ok updated commission info!

Won't do:
-Furries (I mean I could try if someone really wants but I don't really know how to draw them lol)
-Complex backgrounds

DM or reply if you're interested! I'll send a sketch once it's done for approval b4 continuing. Remember to let me know anything specific you want like pose, colors, outfit, etc. or I will just figure it out myself!

Paypal only! also maybe cashapp idk yet lol

I can't wait for the live action mario movie where they give us this monstrosity

i should ask my mom if i can get rid of her taxidermy cobra. every time i see it my fight or flight response kicks in.


hey remember that time it was revealed that people were dying from eating laundry pods and then a whole meme of comparing laundry pods to forbidden snacks arose and everyone just kind accepted it?

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