i'm currently living in a simulation and nothing can convince me otherwise

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i’m surprised at myself that i never actually did drugs

i get that bojack horseman is overrated and whatnot but i think it’s one of the few cartoons that i’ve watched that had characters that felt like they were real people in real life.

hit or miss, i bet they never miss huh
you have a boyfriend i bet he doesn’t kiss ya

i should actually watch the simpsons... like, the earlier seasons, not the later ones. i mostly avoided it as a kid bc i avoided most adult cartoons.

the best open world game is real life. go outside, break into someone’s home, fit as much items as you can into your bag as possible, then leave.

today a squirrel jumped next to me and i freaked out

i kinda miss when pc stood mostly for personal computer and sentences were less confusing

friendly reminder that identity theft is valid

hey i know i’ve shitted on overwatch to death already. but. i still can’t get over how blizzard made a cowboy, someone who’s going to get so much exposure to bright light and burning sun rays, a fucking albino.

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