@lain so you read it in streaming, like netflix?

Found an app that lets me do that (ad-free and tracker-free, though there's a paywall for features I don't care about)
And now I have another problem : seems like my internal mic is too quiet for discord uwu

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Why don't android communication apps let you decide which mic you want to use, when they could?
I want to use the cam mic while listening with earplugs, and it doesn't seem possible except I have another app that lets me do that (but it's not for communication)

French youtubers :
- bear = beer
- engine = enjaΓ―n
And probably other stuff I don't remember
I hope english natives like the french accent, because I'm part of the collateral damage uwu

Turns out 4am is not a good time to have conversations
Europeans work and Americans sleep

@lain also thanks I didn't know it was an option

@lain well on desktop it's kinda hard to work with qr codes
Even more so on console

@lain but copy pasting keys is bothersome (I had to do that on desktop client), and I'm pretty sure most people don't want to do that
Maybe we should add keys in a disabled state...

@lain uwu I'm bad but I do that with omemo, conversation works like that (you blindly accept and later you can disable a key)

UwU I hate anime characters who are mad just for the sake of being mad
I hated betelgeuse in re;zero, and right now I hate the mad guy in Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau :<
It doesn't even make sense in the story, it's just here to have a bad guy and I hate it

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