Me : doesn't understand Russian
Also me : follows Russians on twitch and soundcloud
If you want to check out : (he's just playing music right now but I know he can sing)

UwU I love this webcomic
(Suddenly Became A Princess One Day - c16)

Huawei are deeply refuting working with the Chinese gov
Funny, since that's the kind of secrets that you will refute anyway
Still I like the company, and if I wanted a new smartphone I'd still buy it from them (at least I don't have an NSAphone but a <insert Chinese equivalent>phone, and it can't be worse imo)

Gacha - Americano Exodus 

Eheh top 22% so far, I'm spending all my stamina on ladder since it seems I'll get jewels sometime

Me : let's read some Japanese!
First page : (pic)
Me : on second thoughts, let's wait until I learn the kanji first

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Custom statuses are the best invention from Discord
I've never seen a feature that doesn't work on all devices like that, it makes me laugh every time

And it's super light, I mean here's a comparison with FGO (and it beats every gacha I've ever tried)

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In case you want to try it, it's not hard to find on qooapp

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That was a good first impression
It seems like the only gacha thing is about clothes, so that's nice~
Though I'll first have to get 400 gems to unlock the other characters before I get too much into getting new clothes
Oh and it's very intelligent, stamina is used not only for battle but also for gacha rolls

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This means I have 4 mobile games installed (including 3 gacha)
I might uninstall world triggers, we'll see

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I found a new mobile game and I might play it as much as FGO because I'm a fan of the series
Well it will depend on the content though (I can be a bunny girl so that's a huge plus)

Omg there's an Americano Exodus mobile game???
Aaah should I learn Korean and pause my Japanese studying???


UwU not lucky, 3 new useless characters


So after farming a few qp (as well as the event xp), here I am with 1/4 servant max level
For the others I just need materials since I used them a lot for skills uwu

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