This reminds me the tsundere debate in Lucky Star
So let's start it again : what's a tsundere?
1 - When she acts tsuntsun but is actually deredere
2 - When she is tsuntsun at first and becomes deredere with time

inb4 I don't remember it correctly and that's not the definition they gave in the anime :D

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So far it's very close, only 1 vote apart
Proof that it's a good debate

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@cesese I'd probably go for number 2. I always thought of tsundereism as a process where they start cold and become warm. But technically that could also be number 1 since she could be deredere but hiding it with tsuntsun, and over time the tsuntsun just goes away. :blobcatthink:

@Epsiloco From what they say in Lucky Star, it was first 2 but now it's 1

@cesese Without character development its a sham. 2 obviously

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