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@lis is very very cute
And she's my pet OwO
Be jealous! I can pet her as much as I want :bun:

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My wife 

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Drama is very sad, know that if it ever happens to you, there will always be people you can talk to :bun:
(if you can't think of anyone I'm here)

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PSA for my fellow upside peoples:
As things start to heat up please remember to keep your pets while hydrated and to provide plenty of shade.

No one likes a crisp Focks.
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As I go head off to do some stuff and things remember that Magical Horse Girl High is best Animu and Sunset Shimmer is best girl of all time.
Battle of the Bands.mp4

Just a few things :
- don't complain about people complaining
- it's alright if other people don't use your software
- it's not because it feels easy to you that it's easy

Alright conversations over about vi
Time for classes uwu

People : windows/mac are bad, use linux!
Also people : what you didn't read all the manuals about linux, its kernel, and all the programs that exist in it? Why did you even install it?

As far as I'm concerned there is a good reason why i don't use vi/vim
I don't have the time to read the manual/tutorials
One day I'll have the time and will learn it maybe
But so far emacs is enough for me, i don't know what vim could do any better

Let's put an end to the conversation

alias vi=emacs

Cold morning >~>
I have to get up in 10min uggu

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I love how 2 different words from 2 different words from 2 different words from 2 different words from 2 different words from 2 different words from 2 different languages can be saved so yeah you used the JBOD technique

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I came home and was feeling meh. Then my friend started spamming me cute anime pics. Now I'm happy.

Sometimes what you need in life is a fellow degenerate friend to make you feel better.

I love how the music in Free! is not the kind i like to listen to, but i like it in Free! (Not sure if it's because the music is good, or because it fits the anime, or both)

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you should alllllll read The Last Unicorn
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