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@lis is very very cute
And she's my pet OwO
Be jealous! I can pet her as much as I want :bun:

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My wife 

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Drama is very sad, know that if it ever happens to you, there will always be people you can talk to :bun:
(if you can't think of anyone I'm here)

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I need a manga club to talk about that kind of stuff
I don't like blogs because that's one sided, and i don't like forums either.

Wouldn't recommend. It's just in the hype that afaik was started by Madoka, except Madoka was way longer so it was able to have a good story, even if that's all it's got (ok I'm badmouthing because both anime have good characters. My problem is it's far from enough)
So yeah, not sure if i don't like that genre, or it's just these anime. I did like Granbelm, but imo it's not part of that genre (the emo/edgy mahou shoujo genre I guess?)

Just finished watching Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku.

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and then god created enbies and he was like "oh shit thats tight these people are actually in my image, way moreso than male and female"
- genesis 1:27.5

Touhou is love
Touhou is life
Touhou is lunatic

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So many people playing Halo on pc!
Who wants to play Halo Trial with me? :troll:

When you learn that a famous French singer played WoW owo

So yeah when I'm back in France, I'll see if I can donate directly, I think that's better.

there was another way to donate, by buying a shirt. Well it's even worse... And I stopped before the paying part, because there was no info about which company delivers them and I didn't know if they would be able to deliver it (some companies seriously can't, and I'm not home so I can't babysit them by going to meet them in person)

:bunhdangry: When you want to donate for a good cause but you can't because it would mean giving more to other companies that aren't even in Europe
And also because I did whitelist all, and it still didn't work, it stopped when I tried to use :cirnolaughing: Paypal :cirnolaughing:

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@​cesese@​ i love you too bunni frand :bun:

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Am going to nap, should wake up after downloads are over

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