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@lis is very very cute
And she's my pet OwO
Be jealous! I can pet her as much as I want :bun:

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My wife 

@mitsu :bun: I changed my name accordingly

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Drama is very sad, know that if it ever happens to you, there will always be people you can talk to :bun:
(if you can't think of anyone I'm here)

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So, is down temporarily because I'm dumb is down probably forever should be down but it's not, lucky
So I made a new account : @bunni
I'll see if I can import my followings (I'm on phone so idk), anyway if you want you can follow :bun:

@NeikoCat hey, I hope I'm not bothering you, but is gone for good? :bun:

Found an app that lets me do that (ad-free and tracker-free, though there's a paywall for features I don't care about)
And now I have another problem : seems like my internal mic is too quiet for discord uwu

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Why don't android communication apps let you decide which mic you want to use, when they could?
I want to use the cam mic while listening with earplugs, and it doesn't seem possible except I have another app that lets me do that (but it's not for communication)

French youtubers :
- bear = beer
- engine = enjaïn
And probably other stuff I don't remember
I hope english natives like the french accent, because I'm part of the collateral damage uwu

Turns out 4am is not a good time to have conversations
Europeans work and Americans sleep

UwU I hate anime characters who are mad just for the sake of being mad
I hated betelgeuse in re;zero, and right now I hate the mad guy in Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau :<
It doesn't even make sense in the story, it's just here to have a bad guy and I hate it

UwU it's 3am, and thanks to lain I want to drink cofe..
Goodbye sleeping

Unpopular opinion 

Sonic X > Sonic Adventure (both games)

"The Japanese sub and the French dub were completely uncensored."
💙💙💙 thank you the people who dubbed sonic x in french

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Looking up if there was censorship in the french version
In case I want to rewatch it

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Oof I just discovered the American English op of Sonic X, it's so bad...
Is this where "gotta go fast" comes from?
(In France we had a dub of the Japanese theme, thank god)

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I'm pretty sure the plastic used for the packaging is also 100% natural :cirnolaughing:

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I love how it's written "100% natural" on my rice packaging
Like duh everything's 100% natural

Je suis la fée Fagot
J'exauce tous les vœux
Mais seulement pour le bois
Car le bois...

I didn't realise but it's funny having both orbot and tor browser on trail
Though I wish tor browser used orbot, I wouldn't have to keep the app running when not using it and in the end it breaks one point since by not closing it I keep the tabs open

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Westerner: vegetarian food is so gross. It’ll never be good as meat


Unpopular opinion 

Top 3 overrated famous artists imo :
- Akira Toriyama
- Alexandre Astier (though only known in french I guess)

I lied it was a top 2, I can't think of anyone else right now

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