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@lis is very very cute
And she's my pet OwO
Be jealous! I can pet her as much as I want :bun:

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My wife 

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Drama is very sad, know that if it ever happens to you, there will always be people you can talk to :bun:
(if you can't think of anyone I'm here)

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> The fediverse reaches 3 million registered users

> Not counting Gab users

Also not counting pleroma users? Not counting sjw's alt accounts?
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choose wisely
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yum i love mlp: fim and that we could play video games imho


Best part of C programming :
"undefined behavior occurs."

(For instance in free's man page)

That and segfault are the reasons why C is far from being my fav. (But stuff like malloc and all are very useful)

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@cesese @Olivia how insecure does a guy have to be that he can't even have gay sex without being gay?
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If i fav your post, that means you're #1 in my heart
I might have a lot of #1 though :blobcatthinking:

Yes i boost my own posts :blobcatcool:
Watcha gonna do, 8r?

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The Lion King (SNES) Any%Easy Tournament

English πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
- Enter on the discords servers: ( and (

The seeds will be based on your best time on the game leaderboard. If you don't have a leaderboard time, your seed will be the last one, and if we have more than one person in that situation, we'll draw the seeds with these people.



Tournament mode:

-The tournament's format will be decided after registration is complete;
-All matches will be best of 3 and the final best of 5;
-The stream must be open simultaneously;
-Run winner will be the one who finishes the game in the shortest time;
-In case of a participant forfeit, the other runner only finishes the run if he wants;
-In case of a double forfeit, the runner who went further in the game will win.

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Guess i didn't have to look for a long time to find it

Such a masterpiece

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Changing your height is totally possible and it's so annoying when people whine about how they can't change it. Eat healthy, get nine hours of sleep a night, exercise, and either cut off below the kneecap or attach someone's legs to your own.

Someday i hope i can make a trinary computer
And compile bunOS for trinary hardware

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Sorry straight people but only homosexuality exists everything else is social conditioning.
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. (\__/)
(β€’γ……β€’) extrovert friend
γ€€οΌΏγƒŽ ヽ γƒŽοΌΌ __ making sure
/γ€€`/ βŒ’οΌΉβŒ’ Y ヽ introverts get a
( γ€€(三ヽ人  /γ€€γ€€ | turn in convos
|γ€€οΎ‰βŒ’οΌΌ  ̄ ̄ヽ  γƒŽ
γ€€γ€€ |( ηŽ‹ οΎ‰γ€ˆ (\__/)
γ€€γ€€ /ミ`ー―彑\ (β€’γ……β€’) introverts

@sjw xD how many accounts do you have on fedi?

Lol macos is certified POSIX-compliant but not darwin
(Btw linux neither)


In my todo list : check if it's possible to host a private server

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