oh this is neat, there's a "move to a different account" feature that migrates followers

i guess i'll get my niu followers on my main again after all

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*yells into the fediverse tab*

where are all the pooltoy/inflatable/squeaky enthusiasts at!

*echo echo echo....*

@cdmnky also also this pfp was done by @rnxpyke when he did those profile sketches a while back

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also to the 200+ of you who haven't followed my main in the past six months

i'm here on my own instance hosted at home on my raspberry pi @cdmnky

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Gonna let this pfp here be my last one for old times' sake

:bun: :bun:

oh lol i unfollowed kawen's old account here 'cause mastodon's new thing said it was dormant

looking through my notifs and seeing people faving and boosting some of my best toots from a year ago

hey @ocean look at me i'm here too wow so cool ocean you gotta see

@woodcat @SG it's true, i asked leo to add it as a meme 'cause it was on a japanese instance i used to post on lol

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !