I made a losers corner in my steam library so they can think about what they've done

(not as angry about fallout 'cause of its age, but it's actually so broken on steam it doesn't even run on windows without hacking it to heck)

@Sir_Boops proton lol

remember that fallout was originally a 16 bit windows game too so it had to be modded for higher screen resolutions and even steam's implementation is janky as hell

@cdmnky Huh I remember getting it to run on pure wine :owo_thanking:

That was the GOG version though

@Sir_Boops looked it up online and the launcher is set to launch the incorrect name of the binary so you have to rename the exe lol

@cdmnky RIP

IMO Fallout 2 is the best so...so many things to do XD

@Sir_Boops i just realized i gotta sync up my pcs again

it's been awhile oof

i was gonna game a bit but syncthing uses so much disk reading and with hdds it grinds everything to a halt

@Sir_Boops i built during crypto mania so everything flash was waaaaay overpriced

although somehow ddr4 ram is like twice as much today for some reason?

anyway a year and a half and i only had to replace the mobo because pcie graphics broke on it, then i almost destroyed the cpu 'cause the thermal compound fused to the chip and it ripped out of the socket (bent some pins and used a hand dryer and some alcohol to get it unstuck)

@Sir_Boops replaced the shitty chinese case on it too while i had it taken apart

@cdmnky Open air bench is the best imo

And yaaaa DDR4 is price gouged to absolute hell because everything is also super fucking ram hungry :angercrywall:

@Sir_Boops open air would be great but i have cats and those new kittens my mother got are absolutely fucking up everything and i hate them so much rm


@Sir_Boops one managed to get an entire roll of jumbo sized paper towels upstairs to my room and shred it all over the place

@cdmnky tbh I'm impressed

Kittys with evil little thinkers

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