@Dolus @cdmnky yeah. Right now i just だが断わる everyone trying to make me use some other messenger, and try to make them use Riot instead, however i'm still waiting for true Good™ XMPP client.
@Dolus @cdmnky cause steam chat is sorta shitty especially with regular scheduled steam maintenance and mobile client that's EXTRA SHIT
@Dolus @cdmnky i mostly "chat" on fedi nowadays anyway, and chats are mostly when people want something from me, or i want something from people.
@Dolus @cdmnky @hj butt you both have xmpp's ready for the ONE.
@Dolus sad, but k.
@hj you should have one set up for GSCon, so we can share secrets.
Iirc, I can still eavesdrop on matrix.heldlsca.la without even showing I exist.
It was useful for Jonothan, who, btw is using another account here.


@flussence @Gargron @hj if I started localizing pleroma for furry speak, would you merge the commits lol

@hj @Gargron @flussence i guess not 'cause debian doesn't have the fluoridated npm without doing some questionable curling

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