@cdmnky wish i got turned into an animal in real life after only one day

@sylveon i like the ones where it happens slowly over a month or so, gradually enough that you don't notice it until it's too late

also reminds me of that twilight zone episode (it's on youtube) of the guy who gave his wife a cursed collar that every time he kills someone, his wife becomes more of a dog and his dog becomes more of a big tiddy human gf

@cdmnky if i had that collar i'd put it on myself and kill just enough people so that i'm a big tity dog gf with a big titty dog ff
@cdmnky It's a slippery slope. Say no to furry. It's too late for @nosleep but let him be an example.
@sjw @cdmnky shhh let people be what they want to be
and if they want to be a furry ill help them, willing or not
@nosleep @cdmnky I'm just fucking with you. I'll host all your furry porn and :UwU:ing. Do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. We support freedom here.

@fedvice #feeedom

Hello @sjw! I didn't find an instance matching your tags :(

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