"Information wants to be free" + "Life finds a way" = "Genes want to be spread"?

@Thunderfree It doesn't say you can't have it pollinated by bees and spread via seeds, that's probably the loophole

@cdmnky @Thunderfree If the patent is owned by Monsanto they will take you to court and have burden placed on you to police your plants. Oh, and to pay up for whatever grew because you should have stopped those dirty pirating bees.

And when you complain about it, Monsanto's internet warriors will burn the hell out of your comment.
@cdmnky @Thunderfree

@rick_777 @LilFluff @cdmnky @Thunderfree I once have written a basic worldbuilding of a Sci-Fi story in 2015. It's about a future where programmable bioware is already in common use, mostly proprietary. e.g. Monsanto's crops would have builtin DRM in DNA, enforced genetically. A bio-chem-electrical equipment interacts with bioware: a synthesizer plugged on the computer converts crypto keys into equivalent chemical signals, enabling growth. Failure to comply the license will trigger its self-destruction.

@Thunderfree @cdmnky Oh I figured that equation out long ago. Splitting the two phrases up was just genetic material's way of sounding sexy & mysterious. Like a folk theorem!

@aliasless you can patent the breeding process (similar to the manufacturing process) and the genetic makeup itself (mainly GMOs) is my guess

but the fact that you have to get a license and pay royalties just to grow a copy of your plant is absolute bull

@aliasless @cdmnky Yep. Monsanto and Bayer (now the same company) have been doing this for decades now.

@cdmnky Plant before reproduction: Hang on, let me check the legal handbook first.

@cdmnky Just as a quick history lesson for anyone who might not know: plant patent laws have existed in the USA for about a hundred years now, so plant breeders wouldn't starve - specifically Luther Burbank, who is responsible for breeding hundreds of fruit trees, some of which are still used today. He is probably best known for breeding the Santa Rosa plum. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant_Pa and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_B

@cdmnky Craig Vintner may be no Somnelier or Coffee Guru, but you bet his tongue can pick out a lawsuit-worthy sample of DNA

@cdmnky Meh, just grow it out for your own personal use and to gift to other people. If you aren't moving into their plants market and making an actual profit, or being really public about giving/selling clones of their plants away, they aren't going to do anything.

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