@cdmnky But how would they even know it's you if you've never uploaded a picture before?


they won't lol, they're using it for their AI so they can sell your face to other companies and auto tag photos with you in it

Agree with the fact that it is just a sort of treason and an attempt to trick people.

Just uploaded for a new account a random royalties-free photo of a cat.. And it was accepted.

Bullshit, only for reselling datas.

Do not trust them anymore.

@cdmnky Thanks for sharing Reason 38375823 why you should use Mastodon instead.

@nipos @cdmnky I'm not arguing against you, but isn't mastodon more like twitter?

@Gauge @cdmnky Yes,but many people see it as Facebook alternative anyway.I think Friendica and Diaspora are much more like Facebook but they are not as popular as Mastodon.

@cdmnky They seem to be trying really hard to reduce their number of users further

Oh, they will delete the photo. But they won't delete the vectorised form of your face generated using their world-leading neural networks, nor any other derived data or metadata including photo tags and predictive data based on your fashion, hairstyle, background, or expression. That stuff isn't the photo, after all. Also, their partners may not delete the photo, per your existing agreement to their data sharing partnerships.



Always in the small print. Always the wriggle room. Only an extra 100 quid... a day.

@cdmnky what the hell... im so glad that i left that Community called Facebook.

@cdmnky my cousin uploaded a picture of me several years ago. tagged me in it.

i don't even look like i did then so it works out

@deathschemist I hate it when people put pictures of me on facebook

my family did it all the time when I was younger, but they only asked me AFTER I turned 18

@cdmnky to be fair on him, he probably asked at the time, but i was really drunk, and i didn't really see a problem with it at the time because it was like, 7? 8 years ago now?

nsfw probably 

@cdmnky this happened to my shitposting account, and i uploaded porn of mei from overwatch and my account actually got unlocked the day after

@cdmnky 😱 They make a point about not showing it on your profile as if that is the thing that you would object to about this.

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