syncthing is a cool app

it shows that having a cloud server isn't necessary to backup everything, and that it's possible to do peer to peer for everything really well

@cdmnky Very true. I use it for all kinds of things. I think it's pretty terrific.

@ChrisWere it all started out with trying to sync a keepass archive across all my devices

now I'm basically using it like I would google drive, except my files never actually leave my PCs

my mind is blown rn

@cdmnky @ChrisWere it's effectively replaced nextcloud for me. i use my 128gb phone as an "anchor" to store everything, cause it's always with me. works wonderful.

@freon @ChrisWere definitely beats taking a flash drive and copy-pasting everything between my laptop and desktop

@freon @cdmnky I use it to move my files around my devices seamlessly. I'm always finding new uses for it.

@ChrisWere @freon @cdmnky

It's *simple* and does one thing well, quickly.

Unlike (at least in my experience) Nextcloud


basically you choose a few folders, and some devices to sync them to, and when they're on the same network it syncs them without using a cloud server


I run my life on it now. Replaced both gdrive and Dropbox for me.

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