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The pinnacle of Star Trek YTPs:
Tribble With Troubles

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Bucket List:
- Get a decent job
- Go somewhere further than 100 miles from home
- Make a linux distro
- Get laser eye surgery
- Find one proof coin
- Live in a log cabin in the woods
- Be one of the first people to live past 150
- Be able to wake up at 6 easily
- Learn to drive standard

Maybe the caller mistyped it

+1 is close to +91

Why did i get a call from india?
It even had the 91 country code and everything

On the subject of emotes, who's :patricia_martin:

Anyone else think that
Looks like the highbeams light on the dash?

Everyone's like OwO and UwU, but what about AwA

Who is this cirno and why do I like her emotes so much :comfy_cirno:

wait. you can ssh on android?

that doesn't sound ergonomically feasable

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made it to the library,
downloaded a bunch of videos

man, I wish my internet would come back soon

TCP over the original marathon runner

Of course the fucking library doesn't open till 2


Time to test out my new bike

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I ran out of stuff to shred, weather looks better I might run to the library

LPT: when you have no internet, pass the time by shredding your shred pile while listening to the radio

Fuck me, I'm bored af

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Existential fear Show more

I could bike to the library today, but severe thunderstorms...

I just got a random email with no body or subject, but the title was in polish


For real tho, I wish I didn't suck at drawing

My imagination is WAY too overactive

On the bright side, my dreams are pretty epic

Hello, I had a turkey sandwich for lunch, AMA