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Me going to bed at night:
:blobcatcoffee: :blobcat: :blobcat: :blobcat: :blobcat: :blobcat: :blobcat: :blobcat: < help i can't sleep

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:drake_dislike: going to bed at a normal time
:drake_like: watching a super metroid 100% speedrun at 10:15 because you don't have anything going on tomorrow so fuck sleep schedules

It's confusing when you have Z19, Z25 and Z35 in the same room

Super Metroid Save The Animals%

This should be a thing

gnoggin came out with a new video called "There's SO MUCH Pokemon Rule 34! But Why?" lol

Idea: ISPs but run like fediverse instances

what the fuck, I can hear my mother watching those baby shark indian music videos

is it just me, or are most 90's movies about the President acting like an action hero when he's under attack

time to cook some pizza in the toaster oven

it's a good thing my mother hates it so I get it all to myself

*hopes I can get a work visa for computer shit*

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