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Yes, I'm a coder:


I like my humor like I like my coffee.

Dark Roast.

man, determining the day of the week from a date is tough

i'm supposed to set day 0 as Jan 1, 1; but leap years don't always happen every four years (not to mention the calendar's changed so often)

should I just assume leap years happen every four years as if nothing went wrong in the last 2019 years?

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> 8.77 GB
> 5 hours remaining

seed your torrents kids!!

Battle of the century

Kawen Space vs Lili's instance


today is thursday'

friday's tomorrow

and a weekend to rest up!

now all I gotta do is watch all the rest of the franchise lol

@Ocean22 got me hooked

i finished watching it!
good movie 9/10, not enough max and milia though

then again, it's pretty hard to cram in stuff from an entire series into one movie

interesting update: noticed that my lappy is missing three screws from the undercarraige (not a problem, have a donor broken laptop to replace em)

I thought it had bad deck flex, but this? how does this happen?

one question I have is:
Is their really any reasoning behind UN Spacy uniform colors? It seems like everyone just wears whatever tf they want, and all the flag officers have oversized collars

*proceeds to take a bathroom break before watching DYRL*

man, sdf macross was great!

I think I've peaked at the best anime I'll ever have watched for the time being

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why organize tech workers? Show more

I think I'd have the most fun with the beginning questions of a mystery dungeon hack

maybe i'll ask something like
"Oh, no! YouTube is down! What will you do?

A. Constantly refresh the page.
B. Meh, I'll just watch Twitch
C. I don't use YouTube, why should I care?!?"

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becoming a musician 101:

for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {

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