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Just made a repo for my beep command idea. It's stupid simple, and I have very little experience with github, but it's here if you want to check it out!

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This coin is pretty old, I've never seen the "et ind imp" bit on a coin before

I'm hungry and can't make up my mind.

Roast Beef or Turkey sandwich?

Great, my wallet smells sorta like maple syrup now

Why is canadian money so much cooler looking than US money?

+1 reason to move to Canada after college

Man, I should really get into collecting coins again.

I have one book that only has one slot filled, but it's made for dimes between '46 and '65, so that's gonna be hard to fill

I have enough money for one book, but I'm not sure which one to get

Apparently I somehow managed to get a penny so old, it has King George VI on it

ooh, found my coin stash too
It's funny how all of my US coins became so tarnished, but my canadian ones are still like new

Just found my $2 bill stash, apparently one of them is as old as my father

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I can't believe that where I live, only one bank had canadian money to exchange to, and only $40 worth

I guess our economy is much worse than I thought if the only canadian money around here is the odd penny here and there

can't wait to go to Canada on Sunday, even if it's just for a day

Showerthought: I should make a geoguessr map of upstate new york, so no one but people who live here would have a clue where they are

Finally, a day off.
After this, only a couple weeks before classes are over

when you have several projects due for monday and you only had enough time to do one and it's 9:30

when you're doing a presentation on Ready Player One and want to add a slide about tech corporations and private user data

Here's an idea:
Ubuntu i3 edition

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One time a previous boss insisted I try to do some graphics design work. I gave her this, and she quit pestering me about it.

I hope the air conditioning works today because I don't want to be holed up in 90 degree classrooms for seven hours