~pro tip~

I often get headaches/migraines and putting peppermint essential oil (so basically menthol) on the forehead actually works

(i also smell like peppermint mentos and i enjoy it)

held a cute bby 2day!! But goddamn she was so heavy :D

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Aha, Klemmbausteine!! Da sind Noppen drauf, ist also eindeutig L*go!!! Reeeeeeee

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We were apartment hunting today and this is the most beautiful one I've seen so far. Gorgeous view as well and I could use the huge living room as little dance studio so i can practice whenever I want. I really hope we can make this work but of course we don't even know if the landlady wants us to move in.

Wir haben in letzter Zeit oft Witze über den Metronom nach Uelzen gemacht und jetzt schlägt mir Immobilienscout24 vor, ich solle doch ein Konto in der Sparkasse Uelzen anlegen. :ghosty:

Friends are coming over later, they got us some beer yum

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Benjamin Blümchen als Germanistikstudent

Benjamin Blümchen macht Bombenpranks

Benjamin Blümchen aber mit aktuellen Berufen

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