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🇬🇧🦊☕ @calv@niu.moe

me and my s7 edge:

me: i will install custom rom
s7: i will not let android pay work
me: back to stock

me: haha birthday is just a day
me also: *points a gun at a console* wish me a happy birthday you bitc--

tbh i think if me and @SarcasmKid met up we'd have a solid debate on our politics

Gonna explose the instance a bit, brb :3
Remember, up.niu.moe if it take longer than expected

ffs niu

All the boys here complain about needing a gf

all the girls here complain about needing a bf

all the traps talk 'bout needing daddies,

all the doms talk about needing traps

You don't see the solution here, my dudes?

Today's weird project idea: TootCoin

Decentralized social network but the person with most toots in <amount of time> is now the instance admin for 24 hours.


should make my CI email me this image whenever tests passed niu.moe/media/8lj7mkeKTmnnVxwL

like I know java pretty damn decent, but there's a lot of general exercises

I have no idea what I should revise for this interview tomorrow