ah i need to do some work on putting my avi and everything across :ablobsadrain:

but you'll find me on @calv when i'm done

google: lets ship the hardware before our emailed invite code arrives

hey fedizens (and especially niusers)! i built something!

it's a tool that can open a mastodon export archive and show you all of your toots and favorites (if they're available). it's still not perfect and needs substantial improvements, but i decided to publish it now, as niusers were asking questions about how to view export.


also i'll post updates at @meowViewer (report bugs there if you encounter them!). please boost! :boost_ok:

so work was chucking out a white macbook
that's now mine. and being upgraded to catalina :ablobdevil:

Looks like an awful lot of folks dressed in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina costume that I designed for Halloween this year. I love to see stuff like this!

@Ytrezar yo im back here on niu :blobuwu: but like, only really casually

I won't be on the fediverse that much. However, feel free to send me a message if you want to chat!

Ooof sorry niu. Rejoined and literally took a couple of seconds to generate my timeline πŸ˜…

Some lovely animals to brighten up your Saturday evening! (CW'd for anyone scared of cats or dogs uwu) 

tanavega is down for a minute or so - updating the instance

Btw I made @calv if you wanna follow that user that'd be cool

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