Some lovely animals to brighten up your Saturday evening! (CW'd for anyone scared of cats or dogs uwu) 

tanavega is down for a minute or so - updating the instance

Btw I made @calv if you wanna follow that user that'd be cool

Lol it's so weird, I woke up renewed in my love for my ex. But I'm free of the shackles


Anyone know why pleroma might not federate/remote follow properly? i.e Mastofe shows a timer instead of the follow symbol.

Don't vape!
Not only will you look really lame, it's also really bad for you!

@Technowix lol wix if I ever end up back with my gf, I'll invite you over for drinks since you were how we met initially lol

I'm good. I know I am, I'm good enough to be a friend, so I'll fight for that position. I can remain quiet whilst emotions untangle.

Fuck. 2nd day not talking and it's already difficult.

Anyone got any jobs in france where they'd accept someone who's not that good at french but is english lol

>jobs in france

Thanks LinkedIn

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