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Space Cafou

Noodles salad :
This recipe is just a single version of this one. You add your favorites vegetables of course.

Base : twist noodles or farfales

After the cooked noodles are cold. Add avocado, tomatoes, pepers, salad, raw onions, garlic bread, a light taste cheese like feta, gorgonzola, mozarella. Or a stronger one like goat cheese if your prefer.

@cafou @Eidon even someone who never liked eating vegetables would fall in love with thi recipe, hats off to you, Chef.

@Nightingalle @cafou I'm impressed by your using the term "thi", Hime-sama, "thy" being the archaic, noble form for "your"!

@Eidon @cafou I must humbly admit that it was a typo XD I know "thy" but never heard of "thi" before XD

@Nightingalle @cafou Yes I understood it was a typo, but I also realized you meant actually "thy" , and was impressed
(Of the non-English people I interact with, you're the one that makes use of the "best" English, as far as I am able to perceive...)

@Eidon @cafou oh I must admit again that I was going for "this" XD But I like the words such as "thy" and "thou" and "thee" very much indeed and have used in the past to create a more poetic vibe XD I am very flattered! But to be utmostly frank you are the one who is capable of cultivating beautiful "literary vines", I can tell from the way you write XD

@Nightingalle @cafou T-t-thank you Hime-sama *451F Blushing* You're so very kind 🙇
And yes the use of those most beautiful terms is fascinating and therefore quite in line with your art!


He He he if I can give you taste for vegetables,it will brighten my day.
I suggest to take a look to @wim_v12e website.
He also skilled for cooking.

BTW, Thanks you very much for your kind words.
I'll post more soon.


@cafou Very INTERESTING too. I'm curious to taste this one (I adore cheese -- perhaps too much!)
Thank you Cafou-san!



Me too. Probably my French blood speaks. Italians cheese are refreshing and a fitting cheese for summer recipes like salads.

@cafou YEAH (Ouch, I'm getting hungry again ^____^)