Chicken Marinade:
-3~6 garlic cloves
-Coriander seeds
-3 types of pepper (at least)
-Ground cumin
-Thym, origan,
-green lemon juice (for taste and tenderness)
-olive oil
-sesame seeds
-pepper sauce.
-Just a bit ofCombava

Let the marinade rest 12 h. 24h is much better

Pierce the meat in order to let it be impregnated by the marinade.

I advice this peeper sauce

@cafou @Nightingalle
Did I ever tell you that I adore garlic? This is very very interesting. Thank you very much my friend!

@astheroth Ahahah ^_^ Actually my full name is Eidon Van Helsing

@Eidon @Nightingalle

I love garlic but I'm a vampire as Nightingalle can confirm.
That's very odd.

@cafou @Nightingalle Oh then you must be that character in the Phantom In The Twilight anime, Vlad Garfunkel. A very good vampire indeed! ^_^

@cafou @Eidon Yes for numerous times he claimed for strawberry-flavoured blood *shudders*
And btw all your recipes I've read and love soooo much, well done!!


Yes indeed.
Where are the strawberries Night? Tell me and everything will be alright.
*directs the lamp to the face*
Your accomplice @Eidon is under arest too.
*give ramen* Time to confess Mademoiselle.

@cafou @Nightingalle Oh under arrest! But with great pleasure, also because I assume you will provide the food!!
Wow, that won't be a jail anymore, that will actually be like being at the most chic of the Restaurants!

@cafou @Eidon interrogation is not how you get strawberries, Mister, it requires more tender techniques and some promises in return *pout*

@Nightingalle @Eidon

Tender technique you say? 😶
So, I'll use tickles.

@Nightingalle @Eidon

Never heard before.
So about promesses, is avocado recipes captured your attention.

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