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I don't think there's anything any comfier than writing your school packet work in vim with markdown -> pdf via pandoc on your riced setup

(ignore the unreadable header syntax highlighting colors, gotta fuck with my color scheme)

I've basically built a custom router at this point.

Aaaawesome, I can play Space Engineers on linux now. With a few tweaks of course.

I dunno why, but Momodora is always so finicky with the libraries it'll use. Although, it has taught me a bit more about linux soooo.

I think I might start investigating all of the csgo scam friend request links I get. Seeing as how I get at least one every month.

I'm very much enjoying playing around with pfSense

oh boy, I should be able to start working with pfsense tomorrow. I'm going to have to assume I'll be working on that for at least half the day lol.

On a side note, I now know why I couldn't use a controller in games now.

Well that's odd, plugging in a usb gamepad, my system gives it the wrong permissions (600). To use the gamepad group it needs at least (660). Maybe I'll reinstall my system soon.

I'm very much enjoying the OpenWrt software, at least compared to the default netgear software.

hey hey. Look at that, Archwiki to the rescue once again.

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