Oh this show looks cool, I'll put it on my watchlist! *never watches a single episode*

I hate that my phone thinks it knows better than me

I was just handed a cheese-stick by a coworker I never talk to, that was weird.

me: "i want to code"
*10 minute of reading documentation later*
me: "i don't want to code anymore"

>people thinking 720p is not HD
>me watching videos in 360p :bun:

It's easier for me to type when: not looking at the keyboard and not looking at what I'm typing for some reason.

Double space or single space after a period?

I figured out why my phone got hot and started discharging rapidly today at work, the flashlight turned on. I wouldn't have noticed because I work under a lot of florescent lights, good thing battery saver kicked in and turned it off to get me through the rest of my day.

and some more sites, I just want simple, clean, and minimalistic web pages

Today I learned FedEx tracking doesn't work without js enabled, that's annoying

I'd love to hook my phone up to a laptop chassis and run linux on it, then I wouldn't want to buy a laptop, seems like I'm going to have to buy a laptop...

Been at work for five hours and it's felt like 30 minutes, let's go sleep depravity!

Sick of everything becoming a subscription service, can I physically own something please.

I don't understand commercials. After being forced to watch the same add every 20 minutes I want to punch whoever made the product in the face, not buy their shit.

Just make a virus that acts as a tor exit node

Thanks to (thiswaifudoesnotexist.net/) I have 40k different pfp's everyday for ~100 years (If I did my math correctly)

There are two features I need in firefox currently to make it a 10/10 browser: Some button to load a tab (instead of it loading when I click it), and the ability to move a tab around without opening it

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