Just make a virus that acts as a tor exit node

Thanks to (thiswaifudoesnotexist.net/) I have 40k different pfp's everyday for ~100 years (If I did my math correctly)

There are two features I need in firefox currently to make it a 10/10 browser: Some button to load a tab (instead of it loading when I click it), and the ability to move a tab around without opening it

I know I'm like three years late to the party but, Breath of the Wild is such a fun game

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I had the opportunity to try out some airpods today... I was not pleased with the experience.

I wish new music artists still made CD's of their music, I don't have any intentions of buying low quality drm versions on apple's music platform. It's sad because I have really no other option than dropping the artist :c

All I've learned today is to stop trusting sources of information again

Tfw you're havin' a bath and the tub resonates with your singing

Dangit! You've failed me once again Waterfox.

Satisfactory looked really cool, then is saw it was on the epic games store. This means no possible chance of a linux version coming out :c

I think I need to disable some more google services...

I can type faster than my brain can come up with words

Could 3d porn generated by a neural network be considered 2d porn?

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From power to login screen, Arch boots within 30 seconds (nvme with uefi). Take that you kernel saving windows users!

TIL: My left hand is longer than my right

You know what, we oughtta put meaning back into words, like, everyone is depressed, but I doubt it's actually that bad for everyone

well, reddit logged me out, 'guess I'm closing the tab and never logging in or using the service again (I didn't use it much anyway)

Make everyday last as long as two: as close as I'm gonna get to immortality

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