Tfw Plastic Love is one of my test tracks for audio equipment. Don't need no Diana Krall or Nils Lofgren up in here.

(although Nils' Keith Don't Go is a really good test track lol)

Then again, I only have about 150 hours of playtime logged in Destiny 2, according to Pretty sure I logged more hours/day back a couple of years ago when I was heavy into playing Ark. Iirc I remember hitting like 400 hours of playtime within 2 months.

Installed/purchased Destiny 2 + Forsaken + the Annual Pass and have been playing since my account creation, 27 days ago. Essentially playing whenever I was not at my full-time job. Went from a light/power level of 0 to 600 in that amount of time, hitting 600 light just less than 12 hours ago.

As someone who's going to be 30 years old next month, I can tell you that this is the pinnacle of having no life.

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At work on Thanksgiving Day, not as bad as one would think because I have a speaker setup here as well lol

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I found out where the live photos are stored on my Mac. So here's my again of Dubai airport

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what if someone was on my 600 lb life but they were a healthy weight, they were just like 20 feet tall

Today's sunset

No one would think that there was a small snow storm this time two days ago. That of which resulted in almost 500 vehicle accidents in my area

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I cooked something like "kykeon" yesterday :ablobsmile:
The food cost of ancient Greek food is high\(^o^)/

>"Hurr the snow will most likely only be a very light coating"
Wasn't expecting the snow to be much more than second pic.

The music displayed in the past few pics are good jazz albums btw, check em out if you're interested in jazz from Japan

Listening to some jazz while the white stuff falls

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Woke up to my main monitor/display looking like first pic. Turns out it was a graphics driver issue and not my monitor or gpu dying.

My room/kotatsu station pic, taken today.
Entire room is approximately 9.2m² (100ft²), I'm have my back against the rear corner as I took the pic.
In weeb terms, this would be the perfect size for a 6-tatami (6.0J) room.

link to original:

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