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The more I work in web development, the more I conclude that the majority of web teams are just not skilled/disciplined enough to build an SPA when a static site will do.

Static sites do not have to worry about:

- memory leaks
- the back button / history
- scroll state
- focus state
- page lifecycle (tab freezing/unfreezing)

SPA frameworks should come with a "you must be this tall to ride" sign.

Considering to start a video series about making my own TUI framework that suits my needs.

Like the first videos only about what is necessary and what has to be done in order to realize it and then coding!

Should I do it 🤔 ?

Another blogpost! :miyano_yay:

Feel free to give feedback and/or opinions. There is a comment section ;)

Had Nazi propaganda in my mailbox today. What a great world we live in :)

Just tried upgrading ubuntu. The whole install broke, best feature.

Someone please suggest me a good tool that runs on linux and allows me to:

* Take screenshots of a specific screenarea
* Upload the screenshot somewhere after taking it
* Copy it to the clipboard after taking it
* Saving it after taking it
* And all the same things, but for gifs

Flameshot is sadly lacking gifs and I can't get the sharex unix port to compile.

Me Realizing that I'll not have a job from 11.06 to 01.08: Oh damn, I thought the new job starts at 01.07. How will I pay my bills?

Also me: Fuck yeah, finally I can work on my own shit.

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@todd @todd Sorry, not into folks who exploit the work of free software developers by selling it as their own stuff and keeping all the proceeds.

Yo, I fucked up @sir

I just tried to submit a patch, it was two commits, by accident I committed only the last one. Then I tried doing a v2 and now I committed a total of 3 commits, one not being mine. And the second patch even has a different title then what I specified.

Can I do anything to undo this mess?

Yo @sir I just wrote the golang wrapper for I have seen that there was no documentation and no tests for the part, is there a reason for that or is it simply not done? If the later is the case, what was the plan for unit testing, because I'd like to write tests if possible, I'd like to avoid spamming the endpoint though.

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Yo @sir Is there any place where language bindings for the REST-APIs are listed? If not, would be cool to list bindings made by you and/or the community. Many projects do that and I really found that to be helpful. And do you by chance know of any golang wrapper, because if there is none, I am gonna make one!

its fucken 00:45 and all the church bells are ringing ... the fuck's this?

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