That moment, when you want to make miso soup, so you go shop the ingredients, but then you come home and realize that you forgot the Miso . 馃え Really?

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Corporate greed will be the end of us

CPU usage permanently at 100% without any apps open. LOVING IT!!!!

Installed Elementary OS on an old laptop with USB 2.0, jeez .... did that take long.

Opinions wanted 馃憖

How'd you handle a pull request like this:

I am kind of too stubborn to take those changes in, as this would probably seem to him/her, that I am approving their behaviour. It's kinda sad not to take in functioning code, but I think it would be counter-productive.

Which do you prefer?

I spend 1/3 of my life sleeping, 1/3 working and 1/6 for eating and hygiene and the rest is waiting for electron apps to start.

Encouraging everyone to read this:

It's kinda sad to see the freedom of the people suffer like this, just because two governments have their problems with eachother.

Is there anyone interested in helping me to get a discord voicechat with pulseaudio and opus working? 馃憖 Wanna add the stuff to but am too stupid.

@Miaourt Hey there. Is there any way to access the list of instances blocked by niu? I would really like this to be open information by default.

making a multiplayergame is such a pain :o

So .... this is what a radio-input looks like without any style when you zoom in? Great, I love the web more and more, best platform!

X days into web development. I have lost track of time. The cookie API is the worst thing I have ever seen. Feels like a 12 year old minecraft server developer wrote it.

I just opened DistroWatch on mobile. I have a new least favourite website. And I thought I suck at webdesign.

If you have a podcast ... please add chaptermarks :ablobcatbongo:

You know those people, that tell you, how bad YOU DID something, instead of telling you that the thing itself is not good, why it is not good and how to improve it? And then they say it's nothing personal ...

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