Just donated 30$
I Hope they can raise tons :D

You can donate too at teamtrees.org
They'll plant a tree for every dollar donated.

Bought a used bike today, it was broken so I gave it back. I come back home and my old one got stolen in the meantime ... wtf, c'mon

Google claims Stadia willl have negative latency due to AI player action prediction. Aka. games that play themselves? Sounds like no need to play games anymore :ablobheadshake:

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I just found the perfect nerd laptop:


I wish companies would stop building consumer grade laptops as thin trash that overheats, is loud and has crappy battery life

There is nothing better than improving the.performance of an spplication to a point where it feels like a different app :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

I am on an 11 hour bus ride and they couldn't manage to fill up the god damn toilet paper :)

At 1600 meters on a mountain and my internet connection is better than in my hometown in germany :ablobblastoff:

Yo @sir, is there any way to see til what date my sr.ht acc is paid up? I Gave you 10€ (physically) at the last FOSDEM.

Netflix: Makes a cowboy bebop live action movie
Me: Ah shit, here we go again.

Git apply when the newline in the end is missing: Oh SorRy, BuT ThAt DaTa Is CoRrUpT

That moment, when you want to make miso soup, so you go shop the ingredients, but then you come home and realize that you forgot the Miso . 🤨 Really?

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Corporate greed will be the end of us

CPU usage permanently at 100% without any apps open. LOVING IT!!!!

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Installed Elementary OS on an old laptop with USB 2.0, jeez .... did that take long.

Opinions wanted 👀

How'd you handle a pull request like this: github.com/gotk3/gotk3/pull/39

I am kind of too stubborn to take those changes in, as this would probably seem to him/her, that I am approving their behaviour. It's kinda sad not to take in functioning code, but I think it would be counter-productive.

Which do you prefer?

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