Realized in a round about way that #Okuna was called #OpenBook last year.

'Hmm, I wonder why?"

2 seconds of research later...


@trevdev Disregarding the copyright shenanigans, it looks an awful lot like they're just making another ActivityPub.

@bespectacled_fuzz We're ever plagued with competing stands in FOSS, aren't we :/

@trevdev It consistently baffles me how so many people in FOSS are so hostile to the idea of collaboration instead of competition when that's literally the entire point of FOSS, the one and only reason that it exists. That's some impressive doublethink.

@bespectacled_fuzz Freedom is also a big part of FOSS too. Don't like ActivityPub? You don't have to use it. Don't like Okuna the way it is? You can fork it. Freedom does have its downsides.

@trevdev I still think that's the same thing though. If you make something substantially different, you aren't competing anymore because your audience becomes the people who wanted that change. If you're offering the same thing, the only difference is marketing. The competing software implementation is entirely artificial.

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