hey fedizens (and especially niusers)! i built something!

it's a tool that can open a mastodon export archive and show you all of your toots and favorites (if they're available). it's still not perfect and needs substantial improvements, but i decided to publish it now, as niusers were asking questions about how to view export.


also i'll post updates at @meowViewer (report bugs there if you encounter them!). please boost! :boost_ok:

Ok yeah I definitely just spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at artwork

On the plus side I now have twenty new wallpapers

Why is it that I'm asexual but I still get horny
This is bullshit, I want my money back
Or an exchange for an equal value of cuddles if those are in stock

Someone posted porn to my home timeline and I was trying to close it and I accidentally downloaded it shjdhsj
But I didn't even realize it at the time

Really happy I'm not in public right now because I opened my notification bar and saw "i1uiu3498yghsiu.png downloaded" and I was like "wait I don't remember downloading anything... what is it?" and I opened it expecting some meme I forgot about and just got a screen full of vibrantly colored porn hkjahkjh

Wtf are you supposed to do if you start blushing in public?
It's embarrassing and that just makes the blushing worse.
But if you try and hide your face that just draws more attention and never really hides anything at all.
And god forbid someone makes eye contact....

My print of one of the latest creations by @davidrevoy arrived today! Looks absolutely amazing. 😍 🎉 Thank you for your great art!

I love the tight and punchy bass and precise detail in my current headphones, but part of me still wants to try out a quality pair of sub-30Hz bass cannons and just liquify my brains 

Scratch that, OnePlus 5. Almost everything I want, just no microSD. I could live without it really, for all the other benefits.

I guess I'm going to get a Zenfone 4 despite the glass back. Needing a big battery, microsd slot, headphone jack, decent screen resolution, enough RAM for multitasking, and available custom ROMs. Hardware buttons, no glass back, and repairability are nice to have.

I couldn't find a single phone that fit all of those. Zenfone 4 and Galaxy S7 came the closest. The back on the S7 is curved though, so as a choice between bad and worse I'll go with bad.

> "Why you should buy this: The Moto G7 is a bargain that looks much more expensive than it is and has few weaknesses."

Right, so, you're suggesting I'm reading a page titled "Best Cheap Phones for 2019" because I want to drop $300 on a goddamn fashion statement?

God, people are so entitled and vain

Met a lot of wonderful people here, and my time on niu's been lovely, in no small part thanks to all your hard work.

Thank you for everything, @Miaourt


🔴⚠️ niu.moe, very important ⚠️🔴 

> I'd like to switch to linux but uni has me tied to Windows right now
< Why? MS Office suite?
> No, dude, it's 2019, we use Google Docs

did you actually just say that anemic web-app shareware that definitely reads everything you write hosted on proprietary servers that could vanish on a whim is a clearly superior solution?

I've never seen my normie detector whip from low to high so fast

It's nice to finally have my car back to actually starting when I turn the key instead of turning over twice, sputtering, and then giving up and having a rave with the dashboard lights

Honestly if anyone's gonna solve the impossible programming problem of the century, it's not gonna be a silicon valley startup looking to optimise their subscription-based ingredient delivery service, it's gonna be the guy who makes dwarf fortress because one day he decided to try and implement something like randomly generated recessive genetic disorders in sheep

Each time you light your lighter, your lighter gets lighter until your lighter gets so light it won't light.
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