I have 8 bazillion games from this year to play. I haven't finished Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Death Stranding, Devil May Cry 5, Control, and a pile of others.

So what am I playing?

Ginga Force, a from 2013. Figured I'd actually finish it before I play its spinoff, Natsuki Chronicles. And I'm having a great time. I think it's time to just stop buying games and enjoy all the good ones that I already have.

@bVork Kinda tempted to grab Natsuki Chronicles when it goes on sale

@ocean I messed with it a bit already. It's pretty good. I like it more than Ginga Force, which is itself a great game. The soundtrack in Natsuki Chronicles is incredible. I've had it crash on me a couple of times, though. We've been trying to figure it out on Twitter and it might be confined to S and X models (I have the latter), but we're not sure.

@bVork They've been working on it so long they probably just made it with the OG dev kit for it!

I have an S model!
I really wanna pick up this game and support this studio for what they are doing, it's cool!

I'm glad you think it's good! That bodes well! the footage of it looks pretty good. I have a feeling they probably aren't getting great sales on it which makes me want to get it more lel

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