Me when cleaning up my workroom: "Why do I have nearly a dozen drill bit sets?"
Me when doing a project: "Boy am I glad I have all these drill bit sets, because it seems like no single set covers the entire range of drill bits that I need."

And then I bought two more drill bits today.

Hypnospace Outlaw seems like an extremely good game, but I wonder how much of that is because I was on the Internet during the 90s and it's extremely nostalgic.

Man, I love pickles. I can't think of another food that has such a high taste to calorie ratio.

Great. I just tested that Genesis controller. It works perfectly. Now to kill it and harvest its organs.

I got ANOTHER controller in the mail today! I paid $7 for this on I'm not actually going to use it, mind you. I'm going to take it apart and steal its cable, which is the final part I need for my arcade stick.

And, tangentially related, here is the worst controller I own. It's a USB gamepad from the depths of Aliexpress. Note the button layout.

Here's my whole Jaguar collection, minus Wolfenstein 3D (which I didn't feel like searching for).

A powerful new controller has arrived in the mail.

Why did some new Warframe event have to drop on the same day as ? Sorry Warframe, I love you, but I've gotta pull my devil trigger.

"The actual name, however, is reported to be the "Xbox One S All-Digital" edition."



Hooray: my oven is being repaired today.
WTF: why would you call me at 6:15 AM to schedule it.

I'm almost embarrassed to say that Marie Rose might be my main in . She's a great mix of fast and unpredictable, and has a good number of combos that don't begin with the medium punch that everyone seems to expect.

As much as I'm enjoying as a game, the costume unlock system might just be the worst I've ever seen. You get random amounts of parts for random costumes as you do things. You have zero control over the unlocks. And you can get parts for any of the costumes, so you could play this for ten hours and not see a single costume unlock. It's terrible.

Dead or Alive 6 seems real fun so far!

I was playing DOA5 while waiting for it to download and am pretty astonished at how much faster and more fluid feels in countless subtle ways. I think it's something you won't even notice unless you play the previous game and the new one back-to-back.

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Woo. Back from having my birthday party at an arcade. I did not 1CC the Truxton machine they had, but I did 1CC Killer Instinct 2 for some reason.

I was discussing pickles last night on Discord and a friend was curious about my . I have transcribed them here, in case anyone else is interested in a good (or three):

is a game that exists, and that's about as nice as I can be about it. I guess Microsoft ultimately succeeded with the game in the end, though, because I'm playing it because I have Game Pass. And Crackdown 3's reason for existence is to sell Game Pass subscriptions.

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