I think my barbecue breaking has broken me. I made this for dinner tonight. It's baked Spam with roasted potatoes and carrots.

My isn't lighting, I can't figure out why (I tried resetting the regulator already, and the propane tank and connections seem to check out), and I'm very upset. I was really looking forward to the locally-sourced burgers that I bought yesterday.

The power went out briefly. This allowed me to see how (running on a ) handles such situations. The verdict: great! Apart from some idiocy on my own part (who knew I'd have to manually reconnect to IRC servers? :P), I was back up on IRC as soon as the power was restored. No issues with the log database or the core settings or anything. It Just Works (tm).

I guess I just needed to be patient. Another update appeared and neofetch is once again reporting the correct distro. Crisis averted.

I had dinner at this place tonight: sushilangford.com/Belmont/

I rate it a B. Great sashimi. The yam and shrimp rolls were good. The California rolls were even blander than typical California rolls, and the spicy rolls had way too much sriracha - I couldn't even taste the tuna inside them.

I could see myself returning, but there are like seven other sushi restaurants within 5 minutes of my place, so first I gotta try 'em all.

Just cleaned up my bedroom and removed some dust :bun: s

Huh. Today I learned that id3v2 tagging supports multiple entries of the same field. Two title entries, for instance. Seems like a perfect solution to something I was pondering: how to tag tracks that have official titles in multiple languages.

KyoAni arson and murder 

Man, Wonder Boy in Monster World is not nearly as good as Dragon's Trap. The forms in Dragon's Trap are fun because of all the new places you can explore with them. The upgrades and companions in Monster World feel more like keys. Unlock a few doors and move on. And there are way more hidden doors and blocks, which I think are bullshit because it means bumping up against everything in the hopes that you make progress.

Does anyone else hit up fast food sites with online ordering and put together fantasy orders that look amazing but you'll never actually order in reality?

It's funny how badly I can misjudge the difficulty of different tasks. Through-hole soldering of a dozen extremely tiny wires through extremely tiny holes? Easy, done in twenty minutes. Unscrewing the PCB from the mount? 2 hours of struggling with glued-on screws.

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"Nobody talks about the real reason to use Tabs over Spaces"


This is a pretty compelling reason. Esp. if you are writing open source code.

In case anyone is curious about the state of by the here in , I have uploaded my set of the Quarterly List of Admissible and Prohibited Titles from Q2 2013 until now: cloud.disroot.org/s/QsxiYKYBZs

With Dragon's Trap finished, I have hooked up my in order to play Wonder Boy In Monster World. I've heard that this isn't as good, but I'm very curious to experience it for myself.

Also, I discovered that it's one of the rare Genesis games to use EEPROM saving, and so I had to apply a patch that converts it to use SRAM so that it functions properly on my Mega EverDrive X5.

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