Really looking forward to my vacation in three weeks so that I can just bury myself in video games.

Google before Stadia launch: "Yes, all games at launch support 4K."
Google now: "Uh we were actually referring to the output not the actual game resolution."
Diogenes, the gamer: "BEHOLD, 4K:"


After spending the entire day with , here are my thoughts:
What the hell is Death Stranding?

has finally arrived and I am going to play it all day tomorrow.

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I don't believe it. Left my computer unplugged for a few hours. Plugged it in. It's working.

My GRUB is somehow gone but that's small potatoes and I know why (it's because I updated my BIOS).

The power flickered off and on twice in succession and now my primary computer won't even POST. It shows a Q-LED code of 00. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.

I'm so bummed that Niu is going away.

But at least Don Cherry got fired today.

The wheel turns, ever in balance.

With Niu going away (though thankfully not for a few months), what's a good instance to migrate to? Ideally a medium-sized instance where the local timeline is readable.

A gaming website put out another ranked top 100 list. At this point I am convinced that these lists contain intentional fallacies and stupid picks in order to promote rage-driven clickbait.

Here's the bait, minus the actual traffic to their site that they crave so much: and and

Enen no Shouboutai is the shounen that Kimetsu no Yaiba wishes it was. Great direction, much better pacing, and the stupid jokes are more clever than just "screaming manchild screams" and don't repeatedly eat up half an episode.

Finally got around to uninstalling because fuck . I regret buying and I can replace it as my source for by downloading the game from the greatest rom and iso site in existence,

At this point I think I prefer the over . The redesign of Steam is awful. Sometimes pages freeze. Sometimes I can't navigate my game library. Sometimes the play button just doesn't work. Epic's platform may be short on features but at least those features work and I CAN LAUNCH GAMES WITHOUT RESTARTING IT.

Finished World 1 of . Wow. It's a workout. Also, I'm an out of shape potato.

Success! I have wired up a Neo-Geo cable in my fightstick and it works perfectly with my supergun.

Ugh. Today I was going to wire up a Neo-Geo cable in my fightstick so that I can use it on my supergun. Unfortunately, one of the screws was stripped and so I had to both figure out how to get the screw out without damaging the fightstick, as well as find a place open on Sundays that carried that specific screw. Metric screws are surprisingly hard to find in Canada.

I succeeded at both, but I'm frustrated and so I think I'll wait until tomorrow to wire it up, because it's a bad idea to do precision work while upset.

The recent and capitulations to show that whatever values the corporations pretend to espouse, whatever causes they pretend to favour, there's ultimately one and only one thing they are loyal to: money. They'll sell out anything and anyone in order to increase shareholder value.

Because the Joker was wrong. We don't live in a society.

We live in a market.

Corporations want to monetize every aspect of our lives, from our personal information, to our beliefs, to our ability to form connections with others. Not to mention our possessions. "Let us make money on your dwelling with AirBNB! Your car with Uber!"

And they want to destroy anything that they cannot monetize or twist for profit.

George Orwell imagined a totalitarian future of a boot stamping on a human face, forever. The corporations won't prevent this future. Instead, they'll collaborate with the totalitarians and negotiate the manufacturing rights for the boot.

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Which is the best game on the Genesis/Mega Drive?

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