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americans: imperial is just more intuitive
also americans: how many onderdonks does this 4/0 AWG copper wire get? you can approximate it if you remember that the sixth power of the thirty-ninth root of ninety-two is nearly 2

My MVS isn't putting out any audio in the sound test 🙁. I'm out of things I can test with my current tools. The amp passes the finger swipe test and I have no audio issues with another PCB, so it's not my supergun... I guess that leaves capacitors or the Z80. I'm going to need a logic probe to figure this out.

I propose that we ban all Imperial measurements from the planet. I just wasted a ton of time being clever and making a custom cable out of a floppy power cable. Then I learned that the floppy pin header has a pitch of 2.54mm. The thing I'm trying to plug it into (the stereo output of a Neo-Geo MVS) has a pitch of 2.5mm.

Random thought: if we rank games by how much time I spent simply thinking about them, The Quiet Man is one of the top three games of 2018.

11 is a five star fighting game wrapped in the shell of a one star gacha phone game. It's so good and yet so infuriating.

Ultimately I think people are better off not buying it.

Go play Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st], or even the aging-but-still-fantastic Killer Instinct. Or just wait for Samurai Shodown if you want a gory fighting game.

I started Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap tonight. It's a heck of a lot easier than the arcade prequel! This is one of those games I've played before but never really gotten far in, so I'm looking forward to seeing it through to the end this time.

Woot. I have 1CCed Wonder Boy in Monster Land. That final boss was pretty easy.

I am about to come into the possession of a Neo-Geo MVS. While I do have a short list of games I want (Metal Slug X, Samurai Shodown 2, Crossed Swords, Puzzle Bobble 2, Dunk Dream), I'm curious about the fediverse's favourite games. What are your favourites?

Have you ever not even considered the existence of something before, but suddenly felt that the world was incomplete without it once you were aware of its possibility?

That's me with this game announcement.

River City Girls

This cute crossed my path when I was out jogging this evening. :bun: :bun: :bun:

On the plus side, I did pick up Super Mario Bros. 3 and Faxanadu for today!

I have of course played and finished SMB3 in the past, but the childhood copy went with my brother, so I haven't had access to a real cartridge for years.

I just had the worst fuckin' burger I've had in years. Wilted lettuce, a patty that was actually completely split in two, gristle in the beef. The fries were soggy too. Oh, and two groups came in after we had ordered and got their food before we did. Don't eat at

I got to the boss of round 8 (of 11 total rounds) in Wonder Boy in Monster Land! The true goal of any player, the 1CC, is getting closer...

It's finally the weekend!

I'm planning on doing my taxes, playing more Wonder Boy in Monster Land, buying a couple of NES games I found on online classified ads, and maybe getting a haircut.

Anyone else got plans?

Got to round 6 in Wonder Boy in Monster Land! Improvement is possible! When you use the "waggle like a maniac to get large coin drops" trick - I don't know how anyone affords the nigh-essential items otherwise.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land is a hard game.

"You are welcome to talk to my son and I whenever you wish."

A large amount of extremely good anime has arrived, including my all-time favourite.

The Age of Heroes for just came out:

I picked it up. I'm a little disappointed that it's so easy. After figuring out how to fight the bosses (which isn't difficult, I'm just dumb), I got to the final boss without issue. But you only have one life and he does a ton of damage, so that's where my game ended tonight. I'll give it another shot another day.

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