I saw tonight. It was very good but not the mindblowing movie that Your Name was.

It was very cathartic to see a movie where the fnqyl-glcvpny gurzr bs n tvey jub zhfg or fnpevsvprq gb erfgber gur fgnghf dhb bs gur jbeyq jnf zrg jvgu n erfbhaqvat zvqqyr svatre naq n qrsvavgvir "ab, gung'f ohyyfuvg, jr pna qrny jvgu gur pbafrdhraprf"

(ROT13 for spoilers)

To escape from the snow blanketing my city, I achieved an S+ vacation in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 with Honoka. A perfect tropical getaway from this awful weather.

is sure an MMO-ass MMO. Quests to kill 5 enemies, hotbars, cooldowns, crafting, unhelpful maps, it sure is every MMO convention. But I'm actually enjoying it so far. It has been so long since I've played a classical MMO and there aren't really many others that play like this anymore.

It is time to open 2020 with a MAJOR MISTAKE and start playing

The only PS4 game that I'd like to play online is Samurai Shodown, but the netcode is a trashfire and makes the online experience miserable.

Like seriously, I'm playing Rage 2 and The Outer Worlds thanks to Game Pass. Via PS+, I could download... Monster Energy Supercross. What a joke.

My PlayStation Plus subscription expires on January 1. I think I'm going to let it lapse. Friendship ended with PS+. Game Pass is my new best friend.

I have 8 bazillion games from this year to play. I haven't finished Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Death Stranding, Devil May Cry 5, Control, and a pile of others.

So what am I playing?

Ginga Force, a from 2013. Figured I'd actually finish it before I play its spinoff, Natsuki Chronicles. And I'm having a great time. I think it's time to just stop buying games and enjoy all the good ones that I already have.

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Bubble Ghost can stay, though I'm tempted to just copy every DOS-based game to a separate DOS directory and uninstall them from Steam.

Why do I have so many shit Steam games installed? Why would I ever play Blast Zone Tournament when ten thousand Bomberman games exist?

Great. An ear infection. Just what I wanted for Christmas.

's wins at was well deserved. I think this is the first time I have seen Marx and Engels thanked by the winners at an award show.

Man, Subnautica is sure one of those survival/crafting games. Seems like it's good but that genre is very much not something I enjoy. *uninstalls*

Really looking forward to my vacation in three weeks so that I can just bury myself in video games.

Google before Stadia launch: "Yes, all games at launch support 4K."
Google now: "Uh we were actually referring to the output not the actual game resolution."
Diogenes, the gamer: "BEHOLD, 4K:"


After spending the entire day with , here are my thoughts:
What the hell is Death Stranding?

has finally arrived and I am going to play it all day tomorrow.

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