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Finished Eden by Stanislaw Lem. What an... odd book. It suffers from consisting largely of abstract and hard-to-visualize descriptions of an alien planet, and the conclusion is typical of Lem: Humans are too biased to make sense of aliens. Not his best work, but still an excellent and wildly imaginative trip.

I found something of historical significance while going through some old boxes.

Theory: "My Chromebook is kinda slow, maybe I can get a faster browsing experience if I use SSH forwarding to my desktop and run Firefox on there."

Practice: It takes 5 seconds to send and render a single frame, the effect is similar to loading a large jpeg over a 56k modem.

On the one hand, I much prefer server-side generated HTML with a little bit of Javascript to enhance parts of it. On the other hand, once said enhancements become even slightly more complex, this approach results in a horribly unmaintainable mess of DOM manipulation, and an alternative approach is needed. That's when I prefer to write the entire thing in , but at that point nothing works anymore with NoScript.

Why is web development so annoying?

I thought I had finally devised a good method to dynamically construct SQL queries in , but it turns out I can make a horrible mess of everything.

Well, that was boring. I changed the read-only base image for my virtual machines to use SquashFS instead of EXT4 and it... just worked.

I kinda want to create a "lighter-weight" fork of Gitea with a more sensible UI, but I'm already busy enough as it is. :blobdrool:

I'm having another one of those "I wrote this code 6 months ago and I'm finding all these super critical bugs now. Did I even test it back then?" moments.

I can't get used to this ugly Bootstrap-inspired div and class soup. I'd like to rewrite it into nicer HTML, but that'll take a lot of time and doesn't sound like a fun project. :blobdead:

I'm going to need more discipline in managing my projects, both to avoid starving some projects that need my attention and to (hopefully) avoid burning out on a single project.

So as a quick project management plan: I intend to use my weekends for the VNDB v3 rewrite and the rest of the week for ChiFS. Let's see how that goes.

I created a website for :

There's a lot to be done in terms of content (both in quality and quantity), but at least I now have a framework and structure to build upon.

I practice FOP: Frustration-Oriented Programming.

How I end up reimplementing everything: I need a simple Rust codec for the urlencoded data format, preferably with struct deriving support. There is a 'serde_urlencoded' crate, awesome! It offloads the actual work to the 'url' crate. Okay. That crate imports the 'idna' crate which in turn imports fat Unicode tables.

But I don't need Unicode tables for a parser that could be written in less than 50 lines of code! I also don't need idna for a program that exclusively deals with .onion addresses!

Review key scammers are pretty active again. And they're still as bad as ever at figuring out that I don't own these games. 😞

I just switched the default search engine to the HTML version of DuckDuckGo. It's so much faster without the Javascript.

I always enjoy benchmarking distributions by how fast they update to a new release. It's a pointless metric, but still.

This time's winners are :archlinux: Arch Linux (~7 hours after release) and CRUX (not sure about exact timing, I was asleep).

Damn, I think it's been a decade since I last wrote a release announcement for ncdu. Back then Freshmeat was still a thing... I miss that time.

I've just released 1.14. This release adds mtime display & sorting, a limited form of --follow-symlinks, can display larger file counts in the file browser and fixes a few bugs you weren't likely to trigger anyway.

Get it from

During the relay operators meeting at , someone noted that there were many relays in IPv6-friendly networks that did not have IPv6 enabled. I was guilty of that, too.

Was. Until a few minutes ago. :blobuwu:

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