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I'm an idiot. I was stumped when I got this error last week, and thought it was a bug somewhere in an ebuild. Got the same error again today and was wondering why they hadn't fixed it yet.

Turns out I have ~amd64 on all the rust-related packages, but forgot about virtual/cargo. The 1.29 version of virtual/cargo doesn't realize that rust-bin 1.30 is sufficient.

I should stop being lazy with investigating errors. 🙄

"The net has always been just that - a net, full of holes, all the better to trap you with."
- Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam

Her descriptions of hacking tend to be pretty off, but at least she's correct with that analogy.

Watching a tranquil fantasy anime and my mind is going all "I want a dog like that!!!"

Shitty product design: A bicycle back light that automatically turns itself off after 5 minutes.

Oops. I accidentally set up my Let's Encrypt cron job to force renew all certificates every time it ran - which is 4 times a day.

I only intended to do the force renew once, yesterday, but forgot to remove the --force flag from my renew script.

It's funny how my opinion on strong vs. weak typing changes almost every year. On the one hand, I've yet to find a statically typed language where I am even *close* as productive as I am in . On the other hand, I keep making stupid silly mistakes that would have been easily caught with a static type system.

Where's that holy grail of hyperproductivity AND safety?

Either I've gotten slower at programming or worse at time estimation. I thought I'd implement 's character editing form in a day, but I just spent a full day on a small part of it.

I-It's not like I like tsundere t-twincest or anything!

More fuzzing. I was worried about afl not finding more paths, but then I gave afl-cov a try and now I'm much less worried. afl managed to cover the entire state machine and almost all of the branches (there's a few sub-branches that it missed, but those aren't important).

Turns out a simple codebase like yxml can be fuzzed pretty quickly, after all.

Searching DuckDuckGo for "vndb extender" and the second result is the tag page for "Penis Enhancer". 🙄

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to have Firefox route .onion addresses through Tor while connecting to the rest of the internet as usual. I realize this doesn't offer the same anonymity as a separate Tor Browser, but it wins in terms of convenience.

In fact, I wish browsers did this by default. It makes a lot more sense for regular websites to move to a censorship resistant Tor hidden service if was supported by default in the major browsers.

Height, weight, bust/waist/hip, sex, blood type.

You'd think I'm creating a medical database or something with these fields, but nope, this is a fictional characters database. :blobcat:

So this was a network issue. After that reboot I was only able to connect to some IPs but not others within the same vlan, and I could not find anything wrong with the network config. When I discovered I could only ping to even-numbered IP addresses I started to suspect LACP and then I discovered, by accident, that everything worked fine if I put one of the physical network interfaces in promiscuous mode. What the hell.

Just a normal day as a , I suppose... 🙄

Nothing is more aggravating than a system that doesn't come back properly after a reboot for completely inexplicable reasons right at the point when you were ready to go home.

Been playing around with afl to fuzz yxml[1], but even after supplying a useful dictionary, I don't get the impression that its tests are covering much of the codebase. :blobunsure:


Just finished G.H. Hardy's "A Mathematician's Apology" and found it… surprisingly dull. I did not care much for its main premise (after all, I don't care to justify doing the things I enjoy - enjoying something is justification enough as far as I'm concerned), but I did like reading his occasional strong opinions on other fields and professions. He also touches upon a few interesting philosophical questions, but unfortunately doesn't elaborate on those.

Nothing gets on my nerves as much as people who, when coordinating an online game through Teamspeak, go all "hey why dont u guyz use Discord? its more modern and stuff".

Some people don't deserve to have internet access.

I don't think people are going to appreciate my sense of humor when they're too busy being annoyed by rate limits, but at least this is better than nginx's unhelpful default error page.

I have this Steelseries keyboard with two extra arrow keys, which I bound to "volume up" and "volume down". That causes some pretty hilarious volume changes when I fat-finger an arrow key. 😅

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