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Trying to setup my new phone without using the Google Play Store. One thing I did not expect: Firefox is not in F-Droid. :blobunsure:

My new phone just arrived. My old phone took that as a sign to... Open up? Seems pretty broken...

Linux 5.4 adds support for virtio-fs, providing an efficient way to mount a host filesystem inside a guest.

Definitely going to play with that, can't wait to get rid of NFS.

Searching for "Linux NTFS data recovery" gets you so many fluff articles recommending live distros and antivirus.

I'm looking for a simple tool, not a full OS or scamware. 🙄

And did I fix the slow page? Of course not, I firewalled the bot! :blobcheer:

Typical day in the life of a sysadmin: A bot found a slow page. 😞

No, seriously, I hate building user interfaces. People want too many features and I can't possibly implement everything without the UI becoming an unusable mess.

Small hobby conferences (e.g. NLLGG) are great, you can easily find people from all walks of life to talk with and have great conversations.

Huge conferences (like FOSDEM) are also great, you can meet people you only know online and find people to talk with for highly specific/specialized topics.

Mid-sized conferences (like NLUUG) are in the awkward middle where you can do neither.

The problem with conferences: too many people.

Trying to read a visual novel on my Chromebook. I was expecting to run into problems with Wine, but that worked perfectly well. Instead I forgot that my Chromebook's audio drivers are broken to the point that only mpv is capable of getting something to play back normally. :blobcattableflip:

Red Alert 2 

hotel booked! :blobcheer:

(Waay in advance because I want a good spot)

> "It's cold, I'll do the shopping tomorrow".
> Now it's cold *and* raining.

Why do I do this to myself? :blobcatfacepalm:

> Finish watching a shitty anime.
> Queue its sequel for download.

Why do I do this to myself? :blobcatfacepalm:

VNDB things I'd build if bandwidth and storage were free:
- A video hosting platform for trailers/promotional videos.
- A file exchange platform for patches, save games, trials and freeware games.

(And I'm an unreliable programmer, but nevermind that)

And nobody told me that all Wikipedia links on VNDB were broken for a day or two.

Users are unreliable testers. :blobshrug:

Even school kids have electric bicycles around here. :blobfoxsurprised:

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