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> Open eroge title on DMM
> Page loads and shows NSFW
..3 seconds later...
> "Choose your language" modal
> Choose English
> Age verification
Bit late for that, isn't it?

This article perfectly mirrors my thoughts about the web. I used to build my sites with the XHTML doctype and was looking forward to XHTML2, but then HTML5 happened and the web turned into a generic application development framework, not necessarily for the better.

Inline spreadsheet-like editing vs opening up an edit form for each row. :blobthinking:

Writing software is so much work. :blobshrug:

Someone has been playing a LOT of visual novels against their will.

I should write an email filter that runs business proposals through Bullshit.js* and asks for a non-bullshit description before letting the mail through. I wonder how many tries a marketing person would need to get past that.


There's a proposal to bring better OOP to . But the one thing I like about Perl (and dislike about Ruby/Python/Raku) is how OOP has always been discouraged by virtue of being pretty awkward to use. :blobunsure:

I'm so bad at working with multiple branches. This happens rather often:

$ git commit
Ah crap, I was on the wrong branch.
$ git checkout/cherry-pick/checkout/reset


I'm pretty sure having both modules doing completely different things won't cause any confusion.

I just wrote a query where Postgres is planning to materialize and filter 4 billion intermediate rows. Let's not do that...

The downside of configuring your browsers to not remember cookies: You get random layout switches when a site is A/B testing stuff.

Looks like twitter is A/B testing a new layout. It's supposed to be the same search results page, but it's not even giving the same results...

Me, about to go for a short hike: "I haven't checked the weather forecast. Oh well, the weather's so nice it'll be fine!"

I paid dearly for that mistake.

Pushed out a large and potentially breaking update. Time to go for a hike!

I've seen many negative comments on the web, but this is a new low.

15.5 ms
9.8 ms
13.3 ms
12.0 ms
17.2 ms

I've given up on benchmarking stuff, my PC has serious mood swings. 🙄

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