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Signing up for a service doesn't mean I want to get an email every day telling me how to better use it.

Talking about miniflux, this item on their homepage keeps amusing me. Barely readable gray-on-white text is not exactly a good example of "Optimized for readability". I wonder if it's intentional, but it's so out of place...

Feed consuming update: I wanted to try miniflux and hook my DC bot to it so that I have both notifications and a way to track what I've read. But then I realized that all I really needed was a script that could merge multiple RSS feeds and create an HTML page with the most recent items. Miniflux is overkill for that, so now I have a 100 line Perl script. :blobshrug:

Now I'm wondering if I should get an e-reader or keep buying physical books. At least in the latter case I won't have to worry about DRM, but I also don't like accumulating physical goods that I'm basically not doing anything with. Feels more like a burden than an asset.

Finally finished Chasm City, another 700 page monstrosity by Alastair Reynolds. It's as hard to review as it was to read.

I liked the writing style, the masterful world building and the meticulous approach to hard . But it's not without faults: The story takes 400 pages to get anywhere at all, I had trouble making sense of the motivations of many important characters and the foreshadowing and final story explanations could have used more subtlety. Still, it's a brilliant read (and a brilliant universe!) if you have the patience to make it through.

Aw crap why did I get myself into a situation in which I have to sanitize user provided CSS. That seems like a near-impossible task.

I cleanly shut down my SSH sessions and put my laptop in hibernate when I'll be needing it again in a few minutes, and I simply close the lid and let it running when I won't be using it for a day.

I consider myself a very logical person.

I think udev screwed up with creating the device nodes.

udevd[21181]: inotify_add_watch(7, /dev/dm-4, 10) failed: No such file or directory
udevd[21391]: conflicting device node '/dev/mapper/crypt' found, link to '/dev/dm-4' will not be created

After I umounted an unrelated dm-crypt device, the `cryptsetup close` went through just fine. But... dear udev, why did you do that?

# cryptsetup close crypt
Device crypt is still in use.

Used by what? There's just a bare filesystem on top and it's not mounted! :blobcatthumbsdown:

Good code is either useful xor elegant.

Ah yes, now I remember why I did not implement full pagination to most listings on VNDB. Just wanted to add that to the change histories, but just doing a `COUNT(*)` takes a full second.

24 files changed, 1019 insertions(+), 130 deletions(-)

Two productive days.

I add one hidden <fieldset> around the main box and suddenly the box shrinks so that tabs are next to it rather than above it. Modifying an old CSS mess is, well, a mess.

Looks like the Nyoro~n emoticon has been removed. I don't know how else to respond to this error.

Just in case my brain is following this masto account: Stop worrying about silly little things already.

Always fun to be reminded how old some parts of the code base are. I wrote this function in 2009 and added that comment in 2015. It's still in production.

Always fun, hitting rate limits that you yourself have configured. :blobblush:

Why do I keep eating cookies when I know my stomach isn't going to appreciate them?

"Perceptive Perl hackers may have noticed that a for loop has a return value, and that this value can be captured by wrapping the loop in a do block. The reward for this discovery is this cautionary advice: The return value of a for loop is unspecified and may change without notice. Do not rely on it."
- perlsyn(1) man page

That's a style of documentation I enjoy reading. :blobcat:

> Far worse than me at English
> Writes visual novel
--or worse--
> Translates visual novel

Happens far too often. :blobcatnotlike:

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