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Am I an idiot for letting random internet users run arbitrary SQL?

Let's find out! :blobcatfingerguns:

You'd expect USB IR receivers to be pretty common.

At least, I did.

> Sees aggressive bot in graphs
> Enables request logging
> Bot stops

Restricting a Javascript application by adding a CSP header:

img-src data: 'self'; script-src 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval' 'self'; style-src 'unsafe-inline' 'self' quite pointless.

My first time hacking on a Node application and it keeps writing files into my .git/hooks/ directory. I don't want to have anything to do with this community anymore. :blobcatflip:

Banning everyone from visiting your site with a firewall rule is an excellent way of making the site load faster for yourself. 👌

Huh. Been using this (Intel 82574L) network card for years at high speeds and in different network setups and it's worked perfectly fine. Now I'm suddenly getting "Detected Hardware Unit Hang" messages in dmesg and need to disable TSO to fix it. :blobglare:

User management is a pain for everyone involved. Developers need to deal with a fair bit of extra complexity even in a trivial application, operators need to integrate and support it and users have an extra hurdle to overcome before they can do what they came for. 😞

This is the 4th time today I get a syntax error because I typed : instead of ;

What's wrong with me?

Motivation is such a fragile little thing.

Inside: :blobcatmorning: ❄️
Outside: :blobsweats: 🔥

I'm seriously starting to suspect there's a hidden AC unit in my appartment. :blobunsure:

Can we all go back a few years in time, please? I miss when Firefox kinda worked the way I wanted.

My oven doesn't have a built-in timer function, so here's my latest entry to .bashrc:

noti() {
sleep $1 && aplay .noti.wav

# Wait 10 mins and play a sound
$ noti 10m

And I found the *perfect* notification sound.

There are some weird distributed crawlers operating in China lately. :blobunsure:

Just blocked one that was crawling from some 10k+ unique IPv4 addresses distributed over many different network ranges. This isn't the first time I've been hit by such a bot.

Q: Is there an open source solution for X?
A#1: Here's a blurb for this proprietary application!
A#2: Here's another one!
A#3: And more commercial crap!

Quora needs to be blacklisted from search results...

Was thinking of setting up a public Metabase instance for VNDB, but it's quite a resource hog and I'm not sure I want to maintain and support a complex application like that. :blobcatthink:

has a funny algorithm for converting table and column names into "human readable" names.

Database: howlongtobeat
Proper: How Long To Beat
Metabase: Howl Ong Tobe At

I'll just refer to it as "Me Taba Se" from now on.

So many wonderful hiking trails and cycling routes around here.

I may get addicted to living in the middle of nowhere. :blobcataww:

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