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Surprisingly common problem I run into: I want to present a different view of a directory to a particular application.

For example, I'm currently preparing to publish data using an rsync daemon, and I'd like to be able to say "Take this file, publish it at /README.txt. Take this directory, publish everything except files starting with a dot." etc.

I often want similar things when creating an archive, a squashfs image or when publishing directories over HTTP, ChiFS, DC, etc. A common declarative format to describe such "virtual" directories might be pretty useful. Could even be implemented as a FUSE layer.

--filter 'dir-merge .rsync-filter' --filter '- *'

Apparently the wildcard exclude also prevents dir-merge rules from being read. That's... inconvenient.

I need more storage.

I always need more storage. :blobshrug:

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Common complaint about : People can't read their own code after several years.

Interestingly enough, I can read my 10 years old Perl code just fine, but my C and Javascript... now *that* is unreadable.


> Computer expert
> Spends half a day connecting his PC to Wi-Fi.

Guy who helped me move: "Wow, this place is so much nicer. How much more are you paying for it?"
Me: "Actually, it's cheaper."

The middle of nowhere has its advantages.

Moving to the middle of nowhere: Success.

Next up: Organize desk, connect PCs, enjoy the lack of fiber-optic.

Moving out involves solving a pretty complex bin packing problem.

I doubt I'll get to the optimal solution, but I'm not doing terrible so far.

It's always interesting to scour the net for feedback on your own projects.

People just *really* enjoy talking behind your back. :blobcatmlem:

Automatically generating code is fun and all, but maybe I need to split the generated code into several files. 109 symbols for various unrelated things in a single namespace gets a bit messy. :blobblush:

I just got hold of an old MySQL database dump containing Japanese text, but it's totally garbled. I thought it was utf8 encoded in latin1 (as is typical for old php/mysql projects), but none of my iconv incantations can make sense of it.

These bytes (hex) are supposed to represent "うたわれるもの":

Anyone figure how to decode that?

The hardest part of software development is to figure out in which file to put a certain function.

Low quality syntax highlighting is worse than no syntax highlighting.

And for some unfortunate yet perfectly understandable reason, not many syntax highlighters handle Perl well, so I can't sanely browse my own code in cgit or Gitea. :blob_cry:

This is NOT the kind of thing I want to see when I open an otherwise perfectly functional menu.

I use software in order to be productive, not to get distracted!

5.9.0 fails to read some configuration directives with a super unhelpful "parse error"-like message. Neither their changelog nor their docs mention this and I haven't been able to work around it by trial and error.

Time to do a rollback to 5.8.1. 🙄

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