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A poll out of curiousity. Which encoding do you prefer for short binary data like file hashes, keys, tokens, etc?

Mom's wisdom: "Good thing I brought an umbrella, otherwise it would have rained."

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Signed the petition to enable downloading Dutch public broadcasting content without #DRM again - - #Netherlands cc @dbd

Just finished Startide Rising by David Brin. What a load of bullshit that was. Unexplained technology and magic abound, alien races waging boring wars and all sharing the same baseless superstitions, lazy storytelling with far too many coincidences explained away as "it was fate". Not exactly scientific for . 😞

She used to outrun me as a pup and still had energy to spare, but now she's exhausted after just 1km. Poor girl.

"You don't have conversations with microprocessors. You tell them what to do, then helplessly watch the disaster when they take you literally."

- David Brin, Startide Rising

cat - a robust implementation of double-rot13 encryption.

Most software developers agree that programming is a creative endeavor. Many also insist on rigorously following certain rules - programming styles, development methodologies, etc.

But putting hard limits on creativity is rarely a sensible thing to do. Using rules to guide your work and help you be productive is fine, but the real art of programming is in knowing when to break the rules and to do your own thing.

My Chromebook's "suspend and resume" feature has been changed into "suspend and panic" after a recent kernel update. :blobshrug:

That moment when you are debugging a problem in someone else's code and can't figure out the control flow and where things go wrong and suddenly get interrupted by a bug report in one of your own projects and you switch to debugging your own code and are surprised by the complex control flow and why did I write things this way and which solution is the best one and open source is so much fun and am I still making sense?

I suck at this gaming thing nowadays. Keep getting distracted by code and tinkering with Linux.

✅ Updated Intel microcode.
✅ Updated Linux kernel.
✅ Hyper-threading disabled.
✅ Spectre mitigations enabled.
:blobcatsadreach: Poor server.

I just updated an old project that used Hyper 0.10 (back when it still had a synchronous API) to use the Reqwest crate instead (which is the new recommended synchronous HTTP library). That change added :shock_kosaki: 90 :shock_kosaki: new dependencies.

Are we NPM yet?

Oh, cool. Just stumbled upon - cross compilers for Linux & Windows to compile to basically every target.

...except OS X. There is an "osxcross" project, but that looks like a huge pain to setup. :blobcatflip:

Struggling, once again, with the order of linker flags in a static build. 😞

Some guy walks up to me.
"Nice T-shirt."
Awkward silence.
Guy walks away.

Best conversation I've had in years!

Personal highlight of : Bert Hubert's talk on DNS over HTTPS and how that affects privacy. I had already seen the FOSDEM talk and read his article[1], but today's talk had some interesting updates and did a very good job at putting things into context.

It was recorded, but I'm not sure if/where it will be published. I'll post a link as soon as I find one!


More fun. A Microsoft talk: "VSCode has become one of the more popular code editors. Who here uses it?" In an audience of 100 people, nobody raised their hand. Someone commented "I tried, but I didn't have enough RAM".

Excellent audience.

In a talk at : "Who here does not have a Facebook account?" Over 80% of the room raises their hand.

I wonder how much of that is because UNIX neckbeards generally don't tend to have much of a social life. :blob_grinning_sweat:

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