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Also had fun seeing an OpenOffice stand right next to a LibreOffice stand. Can't say they were on very friendly terms.

I went to for the talks, but I ended up missing most of them because the discussions in the hall were too interesting. :blob_grinning_sweat:

Github is doing a hostile takeover of a few package repositories and people are cheering them on. What a time to be alive!

Why am I suddenly getting the occasional push notification for Google News crap. I never subscribed to that.

Me, wanting to free some resources by eagerly closing a database connection in a program:


That doesn't look quite so innocent as I had intended.

Nomination for the worst website of the year:

It feels like they wanted to make a video instead. And despite the effort that went into the site, it doesn't answer the most basic question: Which local parties are connected? Who do they want me to vote on?

Project idea: A tool that, given a .torrent file and a directory with lots and lots of files, identifies which files are part of the torrent. This would be a useful tool for seeding torrents that you might already have... somewhere.

And it'll be a fun coding challenge, as this isn't a trivial problem.

Oh they're running Java, that explains the RAM.

Nice to see Copyleft mentioned in anime, but I wonder if that reference was intentional.

Also that's a lot of RAM for a '97 PC.

Web forms in are in that awkward situation that simple things are easy (once you manage to figure out how to use it) and complex things are impossible.

And obviously I want to do complex things. 🙄

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> OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system
> Terminated
> Bus error
> Connection to closed by remote host.

That escalated quickly...

I recently found that one of my all-time favourite short stories - Paolo Bacigalupi's "The People of Sand and Slag" - has a free audio drama version[1]. It's pretty good! If you're interested in a short story about an environment completely fucked up by human engineering, I can definitely recommend you give it a listen.

(And read Bacigalupi's "Pump Six and Other Stories" for a collection of more such terrifying short stories)

1. (story starts at 3:50)

All it takes for a large swathe of developers to get interested in a proprietary OS is the announcement of a shiny new terminal.

Morals are at an all-time low.

Sometimes I get annoyed when I want to quickly code something and it takes a full day.

At other times I get annoyed when I feel like spending a day on a problem and I solve it in 30 minutes.

> posting code as images

Code should be accepted as a type of media. :blobcatflip:

Trying to learn and exploring by porting over some code from VNDB.

Ecto looks nice, but fetching nested data structures only seems to be supported through `:preload` with a predefined Schema. I wonder if It's possible to generalize that to work without a schema. Or perhaps it makes more sense to port my `enrich_list` function.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of Perl and Elixir doing the same thing. I'm obviously not well versed in Elixir yet.

0 Linux conferences/meetups last month.
3 this month.
0 next month.

I wouldn't mind if they'd spread out a bit more, but at least I won't be bored this month.

Downside of being a control freak, I guess.

I'm so incompatible with the "Here's a big fat complex system and we're going to tell you how it works by adding more stuff" approach to development frameworks. I'd rather start with nothing and then add functionality one step at a time. At least that way I know what everything is for without having to reverse engineer things.

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