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Me in 2025: "Another month, another Rust compiler. Let's rebuild my *entire* system again!"

I kinda hope that ABI stability has been figured out at that point, though.

stabilized GCC 8. Time to burn some CPU cycles!

I tried a dating site, once.
There weren't any catgirls.

What making progress in software development feels like:

"Today I'll write $thing, so I can work on $other_thing tomorrow."

Later that day: "Turns out $thing wasn't very easy, so I split it into 5 sub-things and implemented the first today."

Next day: "Today I'll work on sub-thing 2/5."

Later next day: "Turns out that sub-thing wasn't very easy, so I split it into 5 sub-sub-things and implemented the first today."

And, for that matter, Rust also hasn't converted me into a zero-cost developer. More like zero-income.

Rust hasn't converted me into a fearless programmer. I want my money back.

Making sense of ffprobe output is not trivial...

Bundling a bunch of jpegs:
264M test.tar
262M test.tar.gz
262M test.rar
260M test.tar.bz2
223M test.tar.xz
223M test.tar.lzma
94M test.7z

What kind of magic is this?

Adventures of an idiot sysadmin #2: I was changing the network config of my :archlinux:-based Raspberry Pi and got stuck. Everything seemed to be configured correctly, routes were okay, I could ping and connect to everything, but DNS resolving didn't work. resolv.conf was fine, though. Turns out that systemd-networkd was running and that somehow overruled the usual DNS resolution mechanisms. I don't understand modern Linux systems anymore.

Adventures of an idiot sysadmin #1: I reorganized my desk today and, while disassembling everything, decided to disconnect my server last. But at that point I had already moved my display and all network devices, so had no clue how to shut the server down cleanly. Connected a keyboard and blindly tried stuff. I remembered that Ctrl-Alt-Del would do something, but the server ended up rebooting (doh...). After some time I finally managed to blindly log in and enter 'halt'.

If it were possible to die from an overdose of cuteness, this image might cause a mass extinction event.

Thinking of reorganizing my desk in a symmetrical "PC1 - Speaker - Display - Speaker - PC2" fashion, which will look extra nice because the PCs have the same chassis. But one of the computers has a bunch of spinning HDDs and I'm slightly worried about the vibration of the speaker degrading the HDD lifetime.

Unfortunately, all I find on the 'net is lots of superstition and panic about magnetism. Nothing substantial on vibration. 😦

Regular expressions are awesome. No, your convoluted parser library is neither easier nor faster nor more elegant when I don't need its flexibility.

Hi, I'd like a single PCIe card with:
- 4x1GBit ethernet
- 4xSATA
- WiFi with AP support and a chipset that doesn't crash Linux.
And below €50. Thanks.

I'm writing complex code for something that I feel ought to be pretty simple. I must be doing something wrong.

Generating different digests from the same file: Process the file in parallel for each hash function, or read the file and update each hash function sequentially. The first is great if CPU is the bottleneck, the latter is much better if you've got slow I/O.

Where's the "fast in both scenarios" solution?

The number of account deletion requests has been increasing over the past few months. I wonder what's triggered it. More awareness after the GDPR? Updated privacy policy with an account deletion procedure? (but whoever reads that?) The occassional "[deleted]" user on the forums or database history to advertise it?

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There's no quicker way to ruin a subject in a child's mind than teaching it in school.

Spent the past two days traveling the country and testing ergonomic chairs to help fix my back pain. Only found two good options: The Spinalis Hacker (€1000, completely unknown and barely any reviews on the 'net) or the well-known Herman Miller Aeron Remastered with full options (€1600. That price. Seriously. Why.)

That's a pretty shitty choice.

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