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I could not resist buying this super cute stuffed animal from the stand at . It stands stable on its 4 legs, I expected no less from the Postgres project. :blobaww:

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The fun part about international meetings: I had several discussions in English, only to realize, 30 minutes into the conversation, that the other person was also Dutch.

FOSDEM was great fun! Time to travel back home again.

The Flemish pronunciation of "GitHub" is just endearing.

I-it's about to start! :blobaww:
(spent 5 minutes uploading that image, WiFi is having a hard time here)

...I could have done with a less luxurious hotel. Oh well.

It's trendy to post a picture of snowy train tracks with hashtag . Let me join.

Actually, I just discovered a race condition in my code which could cause those errors. Perhaps I shouldn't be too quick to blame the hardware, after all. :blobblush:

Hmm. I might have killed the flash drive with my experiments, getting some I/O errors. Nothing in dmesg though. Gotta get a new one. :blobflushed:

Running a Share with more than a million files on a Pi isn't the greatest success. It works, CPU and memory wise it's perfectly fine, but writing out metadata for so many files to a shitty flash drive is very slow. Might need to consider a database format that is more efficient on I/O.

's markdown is pretty neat and it has nicely flexible output and templating support. I'll likely be using it for my next man pages and static sites.

I forgot how backwards Linux permissions are. Of course I can't extract another distro as a normal user and chroot into it.

Bugs, bugs, bugs. I keep finding more. Why can't I just write correct code?

Finally got Alpine Linux fully setup on my Pi, only to realize that rustc & cargo don't yet work with musl.

Turns out I do know the password, it's just that the embedded website of that TP-Link thing doesn't work in Firefox.

Why did I put MAC filtering on my WiFi accesspoint and why did I forget its password?

Wanted to install Alpine Linux on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B that I had lying around, in order to test how well ChiFS would perform on a low-end 32-bit system.

Turns out that even Raspberry Pi's are 64-bit nowadays. I wonder if I should even bother testing 32-bits.

Sudden Japanese Alien Girlfriend Appearance.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !