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according to Cybeats: Install a software agent, written in C, running as root, on every critical embedded Linux device in power plants, water processing plants, railway control systems and other critical infrastructure, and have said agent connect to the public cloud (AWS, in fact) to allow for security monitoring and remote firmware updates.

What could *possibly* go wrong?

When a supposedly privacy-focussed organisation sends you a mail with hundreds of people in the To:-header, including me, I instantly can't take them seriously anymore.

Just got such a mail from - apparently their slogan ought to read "your data is everyone's data".

Why do I insist on a rebase/cherry-pick-based git workflow, when none of the friendly code hosting web interfaces has proper support for it? :blobtilt:

My ISP's router did not survive the DST change. I already pity the support guy whose shift starts in 30 minutes, he's going to have to deal with many angry customers on a Sunday morning.

GNU make can be surprising at times. I accidentally triggered an automatic rule:

$ make deploy
cat >deploy
chmod a+x deploy

I don't have a "deploy" target in my Makefile, and I actually intended to just run ./ Oh well, now I can be even lazier and run ./deploy instead.

I get the impression than PC fans fail more often with me that they do with other people. It's like they instinctively know that I have a bottle of sewing machine oil.

Ooookaaay. So my fileserver made a low humming noise two weeks ago. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time, it wasn't too annoying and I've had noisy fans before. But apprently that was the CPU fan, and apparently it had completely stopped a week ago without me noticing. Some oil fixed it, but I definitely need to monitor fan speeds and CPU temperatures. 🙄

Huh. My fileserver didn't come back up properly because /bin/udevadm was missing. Reinstalling eudev fixed it, but how did that even happen? :blobunsure:

I'm rejecting more and more feature requests nowadays. I keep telling myself that it's because one needs to remain focussed in order to avoid feature creep and bloat, but perhaps I've started to become lazier as well. I'm finding it hard to tell the difference nowadays. :blobblush:

(Triggered by

Visiting my mom is a good reminder why I don't have a TV at home.

Odd. I hadn't expected the ReiserFS to ext4 migration to have a significant effect on performance (apart from fixing the really-slow-writes-when-almost-full problem), but even some of my read-heavy workloads are now more than twice as fast.

Just finished Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood. The cover has two green rabbits and a butterfly, suggesting a cute children's story. The first page has photo of its author, a very friendly looking woman, to reinfoce that suggestion. Then you start reading and it's a dark and dystopian novel about bio-engineering, corruption, ecological disaster and humanity's near-extinction. All told in a witty and engaging style. Brilliant!

People on the internet have an odd tendency to leave me alone when I'm free, and ask for support when I'm sleeping and have to go to work the first thing the next day. Not a problem, but that means it can take 16 hours before I have time to work on it. :nyoron:

(5 people waiting for a reply right now...)

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I'd love a "do not disturb except for phonecalls"-mode. :blobglare: :blobowo:

Just finished The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder, what an excellent read!

Despite describing the development of a late 70's computer, I found many aspects of it relatable to how we develop and think about computers nowadays. And despite how everyone working fanatically on the development of that computer is portrayed as a hero, I personally identified the most (by far) with the guy who quit the team halfway.

Anyway, migration from ReiserFS to EXT4 is done!

I only had 3TB of free space, so I had to do use a slow rsync-rm-shrink-grow-repeat strategy. This is what that looks like in terms of disk usage (in percents, so a drop in usage can also mean an increase of the filesystem size - also, I ended up moving it to a LUKS device while I was at it).

Odd. Looks like right-click-save-image-as on a website that uses plain old HTTP authentication is now broken in Firefox. It will save the "401 Unauthorized" response instead. :blobunsure:

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