I never want to lookup lyrics through but I still accidentally press 'l' once in a while.

And more often that not it manages to find lyrics for tracks without vocals. Pretty amazing piece of software. 馃憣

@abs And to be pedantic, most people in the Netherlands don't have a credit card, just regular bank cards. There's a chance your German bank card will work just fine, but I'm not familiar with how that operates.

@abs You mean, for public transport? Train stations have a vending machine for those cards.

For everything else I manage just fine with cash. (Well, okay, there is a recent trend of card-only mini-shops at train stations nowadays. I avoid those.)

@loke @Wolf480pl If you don't need the old database to be available anymore, you can use pg_upgrade with --link. That will hard-link data files and modify in-place when it can. Updating the 25G Manned.org database takes about 5 seconds with that option.

> Ban the backlink-tracking SEO bots.
> Server load instantly halves.

Welcome to the Internet.

The sad conclusion I inevitably reach after each debugging session:

I'm an idiot.

@Wolf480pl There's been anti-TLS sentiments long before it got widespread. I wouldn't be surprised if that's grown as well.

There are still major sites that do not support HTTPS.

It surprises me that that surprises me. After all, plain HTTP was very common just a few years ago.

@antolius I wish more devs would consider usage & deployment at users. Two more considerations, depending on your userbase and goals:

Many Linux distros won't accept a binary blob for inclusion into the official package repositories and will want dependencies in separate packages. Reducing your project's dependencies and being able to work with older versions will help package maintainers a lot.

Static binaries are convenient but often large (especially Go; C, Rust and even Haskell are better if you don't include too many libs). Users are pretty quick to look for alternatives if your app is 10 times as large than what would be necessary for its functionality.

@Wolf480pl @pfm Why use separate task management software when vim suffices? Nested to-do lists with notes and all the freedom to move stuff around. :blobcheer:

The annoying part of working with a to-do list is that for each item I finish 5 new items are added.

@polychrome That video perfectly describes what I feel when watching a SciFi anime that doesn't take orbital mechanics seriously.

And that's pretty much all of them.

> I'm prompted before any code is run.

Please, not *more* prompts. We already know from the Cookie/GDPR wall, Android permission system etc that publishers are happy to throw prompts at anyone and users are happy to click Yes. Even the users who know better because it's not a valid choice in the first place. Prompts aren't a sufficient deterrent.

Dear Mozilla,

I consider Browser extensions that I install to be an extension of the Browser - that is, I don't just install anything I find on the net, I require that extensions are open source and I trust them to work for me just as I trust the Browser to work for me. Please stop trying to protect power users from powerful extensions, they're the only reason I use Firefox in the first place.


Yes, I can see how too many Read mores would be a con.

(And how is escaping HTML still a problem? :blobglare:)

Still beats machine learning though.

Automating stuff with regexes is painful. Always some odd side cases that aren't handled well.

@blunaxela Uhm, why would a FOSS project shut down because someone copied it?

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