I sometimes hike in places I've never been before, and while I try to avoid cheating by looking at maps, I have to say I'm surprised at the quality and detail of . With OsmAnd I have every little path in the entire country stored on my phone, with such detail that I can find my way without even looking at street names. Technology is amazing (sometimes).

@ivesen Obviously I'm not sharing my more embarassing findings.

Hint: Don't read through your old email archive if you don't want to be reminded of embarassing things you did in the past. I just learned that I invited 6 other people to Gmail back when that was still invite-only. :blobsweat:

Ugh. The local supermarket installed a large advertisement screen at the cash registers. Because nothing beats watching annoyingly flashy advertisements while waiting in line, right?

's ffprobe tool very helpfully marks images and text files as "video"...

@amiloradovsky There's a big difference between safety and security. Sure, there's a whole bunch of safety regulations right now, but security regulations are far behind.

Specifically, I can't get over the fact that manufacturers of IT security devices and software (firewalls, IDS, anti-virus) can get away with major vulnerabilities that leave you less secure than if you'd never used the product in the first place.

@amiloradovsky Likewise, I can't wait for the time when vendors are held accountable for vulnerabilities in their products.

I've been entertaining the thought of creating a GTK app, but I've been living on the commandline for so long that I don't even know what they look like anymore.

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Random observation: Perl has comparable performance to Rust in debug mode.

@t0k Good question. I'm sure the other major tech companies will be able to profit from such an event. Let's just say I wouldn't mind if those companies suddenly got so heavily regulated that only new players would be able to enter the market, and with only a single product each. 😉

I can't say I'd mind if Google crashed and went out of business overnight.

upgrade wiped my playlist. 😭
But I had a backup, restoring the state file did the trick. 😄

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@amiloradovsky That's not really been my experience, some projects I've started have become surprisingly successful. (And others haven't, of course. It's been pretty much a coin toss)

Either I need to start working more on other people's projects or I need to get others invested in mine. Solo projects aren't always ideal...

@abs You must be confused, it's not Halloween today.

It's Valentinoween.

Having real data to test with is incredibly valuable.

It made me realize that the file browser needs pagination. Stuffing information about 20k+ files on one page is actually quite slow.

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