PSA: I'll be moving to @ayo.

Please follow me there! And please accept any follow requests coming from that account so that I can keep stalking you. :blobcataww:

People looking for a cozy instance, feel free to join us in our lonely little fediverse town at - we have blobcats and we'll be nice. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Hey followers: Tell me about your software (or art) projects you're working on!

I'm genuinely curious.

Spent most of the day gaming, only to realize (again) that programming is less boring. :ablobheadshake:

@newt Don't worry you can keep copy-pasting code from stackoverflow, just use a memory safe language because it's impossible to write bugs such languages.

@bugaevc That discussion is a popular trend now. This LWN comment thread is particularly interesting:

I'm personally hoping for crate bundles to become a thing to provide a stable'ish API and available as shared libraries.

That moment when you attempt to restart a VM and get an error telling you that the VM image could not be found. 

New mastodon instance coming online!

because loneliness is what you get when you spend too much time on online social networks.

@subleq Oh boy, so many things on that server I'm not familiar with.

The biggest problem with internet being down for a day: No new lewd anime pictures. :blobcatsob:

@subleq My internet is down, so nope.

But I was able to log in on SSH earlier.

@parisio I very rarely use anything besides a terminal or web browser, so configuring a theme seems like a waste of time.

@newt That's exactly how modern email scams work nowadays, so I guess being lazy seems to work out just fine.

Why implement threaded or async network I/O when you could just as easily add a notice.

I wrote a little GTK program in OCaml in 2011. The binary I created back then still works, but I've no clue if the code still compiles today.

I was fully prepared to rant about how crap the Alita: Battle Angel movie would be, but it's actually... pretty alright. It does totally nail the cyberpunk aesthetic.

@ayo FWIW, #adc + ncdc seems to be the file-sharing standard in the #Yggdrasil overlay. Because IPv6.

Nobody commented on the cute Christmas hat I bought for Lasty-chan this year.

Notice her already, senpai!

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