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Patreon has a "Become a patreon" widget that you can embed on your site. It injects about a megabyte of (minified) Javascript into your page to show a button. Impressive!

I don't really like advertising myself or begging for money, so something like Patreon is very much unlike me.

And yet I'm giving it a try. I'm really curious to see how this will fare...

Workaround: pattern="^.{1,6}$"
The regex engine does seem to know what a code point is.

HTML5 `maxlength` attribute:
"The maximum number of characters (as UTF-16 code units) the user can enter into the text input."

UTF-16. So a field with maxlength=6 can only hold 3 emoji. 😞

...I'm not cut out to be poet.

The sun rose and it was bright.

Then the clouds came and it was dark again.

@abs @Wolf480pl It's not a trade-off, you can make friends with people who enjoy studying more than wasting their time. Worked for me, at least. :blobshrug:

@yisraeldov It is maintained. I believe many Linux distros actually use cronie as their "regular" cron, so, uh, it's pretty much the same thing.

@codesections Cronie. With the -s option to forward command output to syslog so that my log monitoring scripts can notify me when a cron job is having problems.

@kat I had glanced from the reviews that this was Lem writing a PKD-like novel, but it wasn't similar to the Dick's novels that I've read so far. That one goes to my wishlist!

I need to fix myself a good visual novel reading setup. My desktop PC is the only one with a Windows VM, but I need to use my media PC or notebook if I want to sit in a comfortable couch. :blobthinking:

If you follow a hiking path in the opposite direction of the signs, there's a pretty good change you'll miss a path and get lost.

If you hike for longer than planned, there's a pretty good chance the weather will turn foul and you'll get wet.

The Futurological Congress by Stanislaw Lem was a fun read. A short story, chock-full with humor, fast-pased action, weird hallucinations, odd twists and an interesting utopia-turned-out-to-be-dystopia. The dystopia in itself is like many others in the genre (Brave New World-like, just a little worse), but it's hard to find such a great combination of tropes in such a short novel. Can highly recommend.

It's so hard to stay motivated when working on features that (hopefully) make money but don't really improve the product. :blobcatpensive:

The two kinds of space lovers: Those who see space as holding infinite possibilites for mankind to learn, grow and expand. And those who see it as holding infinite arguments about how insignificant, stupid and fragile we are.

Someone in the former camp has been trying to get me enthousiastic about all kinds of things, but that hasn't been very successful with me being firmly in the latter camp.

The surprising thing here is that it is my first time making this particular mistake. It's such an easy thing to forget.

Just wrote an UPDATE query and wondered why it took 2 seconds instead of a millisecond.

I forgot the WHERE clause.

Oh boy. I still had an old SQL function that used temporary views instead of CTEs and self-joins instead of window functions. Rewriting that got me a 60x performance improvement.

"We don't care about your privacy, but we were too lazy to implement tracking."

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