Just a periodic reminder to not expect any depth or engagement on Mastodon. Nobody gives a damn about one another, we're all just a bunch of lonely nerds playing a silly game of pretend.

I created a Matrix room for ChiFS:


Or: @ freenode.

I encourage everyone who's interested in ChiFS to join!

"Before us reared the tallest building in all of old Nuevo York, what used to be old man Trump's very HQ, before he was elected president and got sliced and diced like he did."

- Ribofunk, Paul Di Filippo, 1996

Downside of a standing desk: Sore legs don't go well with other activities such as hiking, cycling or inline skating, all of which I *also* enjoy doing.

According to eais.rkn.gov.ru/en/ my server's IP is already on the blacklist. Guess it doesn't matter much if they add the vndb.org domain, then. :blobshrug:


I just got a mail from the Russian Roskomnadzor[1] that they'd add vndb.org to some blacklist for hosting "information prohibited for public distribution in the Russian Federation" if I don't remove said content within 24 hours.

The scary thing is, it looks legit.

1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_

@_p_ This time it's more persistent. Even a full day off didn't help.

And then the analysis paralysis kicks in at full force.

@nebulos Hmm my idea of fantasy might be a little on the broad side, but I found the Tines world kinda weak from a sci fi point of view. Humans living among dog-like medieval animals doing human politics and waging human war feels fantasy to me.

The pack mind concept (and all its consequences) really saved that story line.

I've read A Deepness in the Sky before and it was okay. But I found the alien world so unrealistic that the story really suffered from it.

Finished "A Fire Upon the Deep" by Vernor Vinge. I was worried that this would be pretty soft Sci-Fi. Sure enough, it's chock-full of aliens with cultures and ethics suspiciously close to current humanity, there's faster-than-light-travel and even a complete medieval fantasy world. Yet everything fits together so well and the story more than makes up for the rather implausible setting. I can't imagine a better mix of medieval and epic . A very entertaining read!

Writing a convenient and flexible API to interface with Tor is a pain - too many options and special cases.

I guess I'll just stick with implementing the bare minimum functionality that I need.

Why did I ever get an ultra-widescreen monitor when I mainly watch oldschool 4:3 anime.

@kornel Thank you for that. I've been using it for a few days as crates.io replacement and quite like it!

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For #rustlang I've got the shortest and coolest domain name:


In your browser type lib.rs/<crate name> and you'll get instant crate info or keyword search.

I've resisted for a while, but I finally joined the hipster culture of left-pad-esque microlibraries in .

That is to say, I just published my first crate: crates.io/crates/multisock

When I read someone else's documentation: "Geez this is full of typos, it's so awkward to read."

When I read my own documentation: "Geez is this person dyslectic or something? Where did they ever learn English!?"

Reading is easier than writing.

@jasper Huh. I can clone it just fine. Is this still happening to you or was it a temporary problem?

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