Always fun to be reminded how old some parts of the code base are. I wrote this function in 2009 and added that comment in 2015. It's still in production.

But it looks like it worked.

now has integration with :

There we go, is now not only "open source", but also "open data":

monetization idea: Charge for changing username.

Muscle memory is a scary thing. I delete so much from that I accidentally also marked the API documentation as deleted.

After several failed experiments a few years ago, I'm finally playing around with Content-Security-Policy on again.

As expected, I'm getting flooded by bogus reports where I can't tell if these are caused by maliciously injected code or by useful browser plugins installed by users. :blobunsure:

Been looking into database rights a bit more, in the context of providing dumps. has a pretty good FAQ* on it, but it's still such a mess. In particular, many countires do not recognize database rights and users in those countries are free to ignore any license restrictions. That's not very encouraging.


Random fact: Kiritani Riria[1] and Aoi Miyabi[2] are tied at first place in having a shitton of traits.


users: "Please implement this huge list of features."

Also users: "Wait, you're going to change that little thing over there? This is the end of the world everything is going to be broken!"

Some time ago I had hardened 's authentication system to provide extra security checks at the database layer using column-level security and stored procedures.

Now that I'm modifying the authentication flow on the website a bit to add the dictionary check, I realized that I can't introduce a major vulnerability even if I wanted to - the database model won't let me.

The hardening was to protect against SQL injection, but turned out to be useful beyond that. :blobcataww:

The number of account deletion requests has been increasing over the past few months. I wonder what's triggered it. More awareness after the GDPR? Updated privacy policy with an account deletion procedure? (but whoever reads that?) The occassional "[deleted]" user on the forums or database history to advertise it?

Ugh. So many strong opinions on today.

Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !