's dynamic type system is definitely a weak point. Types are implied by operators rather than by values. Except when they aren't, and you end up writing hacks like this.

There's a proposal to bring better OOP to . But the one thing I like about Perl (and dislike about Ruby/Python/Raku) is how OOP has always been discouraged by virtue of being pretty awkward to use. :blobunsure:

There's this neat-looking little utility that provides project-local dependency management for : Carton. metacpan.org/pod/Carton

Such a tool ought to be easy to install, ideally it would be part of the Perl core distribution. So one might expect that the tool has been written with that use case in mind, but that would be way too sensible! The tool has 30 CPAN dependencies. :blobunsure:

Just dumping some random ideas without much context for server-side embedded CSS in : p.blicky.net/l5qIhvZ64akY

Common complaint about : People can't read their own code after several years.

Interestingly enough, I can read my 10 years old Perl code just fine, but my C and Javascript... now *that* is unreadable.

A surprising number of bugs in my 5 code are related to perl considering "0" as false in boolean context. A tad bit more strictness in this area would have helped me a great deal.

Trying to learn and exploring by porting over some code from VNDB.

Ecto looks nice, but fetching nested data structures only seems to be supported through `:preload` with a predefined Schema. I wonder if It's possible to generalize that to work without a schema. Or perhaps it makes more sense to port my `enrich_list` function.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of Perl and Elixir doing the same thing. I'm obviously not well versed in Elixir yet.

I thought I had finally devised a good method to dynamically construct SQL queries in , but it turns out I can make a horrible mess of everything.

I hadn't touched for a month, but I hadn't lost my touch! My first line after coming back to a Perl project is this gem:

($e->{name}, $e->{original}) = @{(grep $_->{aid} == $e->{aid}, @{$e->{alias}})[0]}{'name', 'original'};

(It's really nothing special, it just looks so... noisy. It's art! 😆)


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