Fighting with again. I want the selected option in a <select> node to be declaratively set, just like any other input value. But Elm does not update its internal view of the <option> DOM nodes when the user changes the selection, so the diffing algorithm doesn't detect that the DOM and the view are not in sync, and hence doesn't perform any updates. I have a solution, but it involves patching the generated Javascript. :blobcatoh:

Slowly pushing more code into production. No complaints from users so far. :blobooh:

Automatically generating code is fun and all, but maybe I need to split the generated code into several files. 109 symbols for various unrelated things in a single namespace gets a bit messy. :blobblush:

On the one hand, I much prefer server-side generated HTML with a little bit of Javascript to enhance parts of it. On the other hand, once said enhancements become even slightly more complex, this approach results in a horribly unmaintainable mess of DOM manipulation, and an alternative approach is needed. That's when I prefer to write the entire thing in , but at that point nothing works anymore with NoScript.

Why is web development so annoying?

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